Accredited Gyms

Your StrongFirst Gym Is Your Source for Strength

StrongFirst is THE School of Strength and a trusted and increasingly recognized brand in the strength and fitness world.

All StrongFirst Instructors have passed the same strict testing criteria—and retest to maintain that credential every two years—but not all of them have a training facility. If you are looking for a gym to train at—a gym with coaches who have met our industry-high standards of safe and effective strength instruction—you have come to the right place.

Just like our Instructors, these official StrongFirst Accredited Gyms have met strict approval criteria. And yes—all are equipped with our favorite tools for strength: bars and plates, kettlebells, and pull-up bars.

Select a StrongFirst gym, and you can be sure that the training instruction, guidance, and supervision you receive there meet StrongFirst’s standards of quality.


Becoming a StrongFirst Accredited Gym

Our StrongFirst Accredited Gyms enjoy the name recognition, trust, and legitimacy that comes with their official StrongFirst affiliation. No longer a risk to be taken on an unknown gym, the StrongFirst affiliation provides a significant reassurance to a potential student looking for the best place to train and receive quality strength instruction. That quality control and the goodwill attached to our name is our obligation, and we take it seriously.

In addition, StrongFirst Accredited Gyms enjoy the following benefits:

  • Prominent exposure and recommendation on the StrongFirst website
  • Ability to display StrongFirst signage on the facility exterior
  • Ability to host official StrongFirst open days (launching soon)
  • Ability to sell StrongFirst merchandise in their facility
  • Free video recertification of StrongFirst credentials for one person per year
  • Other special discounts and accommodations for StrongFirst events, etc.

Plus, StrongFirst Accredited Gyms now receive: 

  • Access to the new StrongFirst Teaching Course (launching soon). This online course details not only the StrongFirst Teaching Principles but also presents ideas on how to build your instructional team at your StrongFirst Accredited Gym.
  • A 15% discount towards the purchase of a PUSH Band via the StrongFirst online shop.
  • All StrongFirst Accredited Gym current trainers receive a 10% discount on registration to any StrongFirst Special Event.
  • The value of one Online Recert can now be applied in a number of ways—utilize it for one trainer or divide the cost between multiple trainers:
    • Providing one recert = $349
    • Split to provide a discount on 2 recerts = $174.50 x 2
    • Split three ways to provide a discount on 3 recerts = $116.33 x 3
    • Split four ways to provide a discount on 4 recerts = $87.50 x 4
    • Split four ways to provide a discount on 4 recerts = $87.50 x 4
    • Split five ways to provide a discount on 5 recerts = $69.80 x 5
  • You can apply the $349 Online Recertification value towards the current registration price of an in-person certification for a new trainer (only SFG I, SFL or SFB). Before completing the registration, please connect with the Certification event coordinator to verify this option is available and to receive the registration code.

Become a StrongFirst Accredited Gym

Several requirements must be met to be considered for and qualify as a potential StrongFirst Accredited Gym. Please review those here.