Tactical Strength Challenge™

The TSC was developed in 2002 by the future founder of StrongFirst to help the men and women in uniform to prepare for the physical demands of their duty most effectively and efficiently. Today’s Tactical Strength Challenge events are:

  • The 1RM powerlifting deadlift
  • Super strict repetition pullups
  • 5min of kettlebell snatches

You do not need to be a gun carrying professional or a first responder to compete and greatly benefit from these lifts and exercises.

The Tactical Strength Challenge is a truly democratic event. While heavier competitors may have an advantage in the deadlift, lighter athletes have an edge in the pullups, and the kettlebell snatch challenges everyone equally.

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Achieve -  Beast Tamer

Iron Maiden/Beast Tamer

Military press a heavy kettlebell. Do a tactical pullup with it. Then a pistol. All super strictly. With a 24kg kettlebell for the ladies and 48kg for the gentlemen.

Many strong people are able to complete one of the events. Some can do two. But the ability to do all three is rare, as the three lifts favor different body types. A man or woman who has completed the challenge is one dangerous individual.

Do you have what it takes?

Achieve - Sinister


The “Simple” standard from Pavel’s definitive kettlebell text is a worthy yet realistic accomplishment for many ladies and gents with grit and patience.

“Sinister,” on the other hand is rare air. Few will be able to exercise bragging rights to it.