SFG I StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certification

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the gold standard in kettlebell education—and the #1 certification for strength and conditioning professionals.

I learnt more from this 3-day certification than in 6 years at the University. Thanks for changing my world, both personally and professionally. —Ivan van Rooyen, SFG I, Head Coach, Lions, South African professional rugby union team

Two decades ago, the first kettlebell cert developed by Pavel Tsatsouline did a lot more than put the Russian kettlebell on the world map. It shook up the complacent trainer education industry. Instead of spewing sciency trivia useless in the trenches and coddling the students with multiple choice questions, this disruptive school taught lifting skills with military precision—and rigorously tested them. Unheard of until then, the candidates had to test their spirit in grueling workouts, pass strength tests, and demonstrate their teaching ability. While at it, they bonded through a shared challenge and often became friends for life.

Since then, while others were attempting to catch up and imitate what Pavel and his team had done, we kept advancing. Polishing the chrome of our lifting and teaching skills. Perfecting our programming with the best of Russian and Western sports science. Doubling down on our commitment to George Hackenschmidt’s maxim: “Strength cannot be divorced from health.”

What draws me to StrongFirst is, first and foremost, it’s both hardcore and safe. I’ve never seen anything that is both this intense and this safe at the same time. There are many hardcore training options out there. I’ve tried most of them and have the injuries to prove it.

I have used StrongFirst methods to prepare for multiple deployments, rock and mountain climbing trips, and various other adventures. Currently, I use StrongFirst methods to get ready for the hunting season, the ski season, other hobbies, and simply living life. Regardless of what you do or where you are, you have to be StrongFirst. —Eric Frohardt, SFG I, veteran US Navy SEAL

Enter SFG, the constantly updated and refined version of Pavel’s original kettlebell cert—20 years and over 30 editions of the instructor manual later and still light years ahead of everyone else.

SFG—“G” for girya, or kettlebell—is StrongFirst’s flagship certification. While strength is the focus of our school at large, SFG pursues broader “extreme fitness” and resilience with strength at its foundation. Like every StrongFirst instructor certification—kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight—SFG strongly stands on its own—while all perfectly fit together into a system.

SFG I is without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can safely say that without attending SFG I I would never have achieved my World Record. Not only did the technique improvements allowed me to safely achieve this, it also gave me the confidence and the StrongFirst community offered so much support. I can’t imagine my life without StrongFirst and I urge anyone considering attending to do it! —Megan Kelly, SFG II, Guinness Women’s World Record Holder (Heaviest Weight Lifted by Kettlebell Swing in One Hour)
  • An unequalled strength and conditioning system
  • Designed to meet the most rugged demands
  • Tested in the harshest military and athletic environments—over and over
  • Accepting no compromise between performance and longevity
  • Taught by an elite instructor team, including national team coaches and doctors and other high-end professionals
  • Lifting skills taught with military precision
  • An inch wide and a mile deep—six foundational kettlebell exercises drilled to perfection:
    • Swing
    • Get-up
    • Clean
    • Press
    • Snatch
    • Squat
  • Regressions and progressions to suit any of your students, from couch potatoes to world class athletes and tier one military operators
  • Powerful programming—based on hard science, easy to implement
  • A 3-day event that demands serious preparation by trained athletes
  • Rigorous testing—a 30% failure rate is common among well prepared candidates
  • A lifetime global brotherhood and sisterhood of strength

I am a physician and exercise science researcher. I was a masters runner and swimmer until I suffered an acute disc herniation requiring a surgery. During my rehab, I read a lot and found that the biomechanics of kettlebell work might be helpful. They were.

I started training and passed my SFG Level 1 certification at the age of 64 and just obtained my SFG Level II certification at the age of 67.

I wanted to tell you how impressed I was by the experience. I have spent 40 years in medical education, and I have studied the acquisition of knowledge and skills. The StrongFirst team doing the certification—from Masters through assistants—was absolutely superb. I have spoken to several medical colleagues about how the teachers were able to serve digestible portions to students and how they exemplified the best of teaching methods. The team did a great job of modeling and breaking down tasks, focusing on perfect repetition, and explaining the why of the techniques. —Pope Moseley, SFG II, MD, Professor, Program in Disease Systems Biology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

I am genuinely impressed every time I interact with StrongFirst instructors. At every level, these people are professional, no-nonsense, encouraging, and strong. My StrongFirst certification experience was simultaneously the most grueling and most rewarding weekend I have ever participated in. I was challenged, stretched, equipped, and I am better for having participated. The benefits of kettlebell training (StrongFirst style) are immeasurable. I am definitely stronger, my naturally very thin body has definition, and my innate desire to be challenged to do hard things is always met and exceeded. I am insistent: anyone CAN get stronger and everyone SHOULD. Strength is a gift that I love to be a part of giving!

Grateful recipient of strength, —Di Beals, SFG I

Is the SFG I instructor certification right for you?

Only if you check at least one of these boxes:

  • A coach who will accept nothing but the best training methods
  • A warfighter seeking a PT method that can be described in Hemingway’s words: ”Keenness of edge…simplicity of action”
  • An athlete ready to take his or her performance to an all-new level
  • A personal development fanatic
  • A hard living type looking for your next challenge

Only those with grit and attention to detail need apply.

Eugene Kwarteng earned his SFG I

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San Diego, CAJanuary 21-23, 2022
Sdot Yam, IsraelFebruary 4-6, 2022
Seoul, Republic of KoreaFebruary 18-20, 2022
Taipei City, TaiwanFebruary 26-28, 2022
Paris, FranceMarch 11-13, 2022
Brisbane, AustraliaMarch 18-20, 2022
Porto Alegre, BrazilMarch 25-27, 2022
Beijing, ChinaApril 15-14, 2022
Chicago, ILApril 22-24, 2022
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