Professional Seminars

In addition to our gold standard instructor certifications, StrongFirst offers state-of-the-art programming seminars online:

  • Plan Strong™—the undefeated Soviet Olympic weightlifting system applied to general strength training (the powerlifts, the barbell and kettlebell military presses, weighted calisthenics)
  • Built Strong—the same system adapted for building muscle that is as strong as it looks

And in-person seminars with no pre-requisites or tests:

  • PROGRAMMING IMPROV: Strength Training Case Studies— a premier seminar presenting the science of strength and strength training planning mixed with a “heavy metal jam session” in which the instructors will improvise their way through ten case studies in strength training—”improvised:” as the case studies are submitted by you.
  • Strong Endurance™—Russian “anti-HIIT” that trains you to produce less lactic acid instead of tolerating more of it. Used by Russian national teams in a variety of sports: judo, cross country skiing, rowing, full contact karate…
  • All-Terrain Conditioning™—same as the above, minus the painful science, plus specific exercise instruction
  • StrongFirst Resilient is what “functional training” wishes it could do: ready you for the odd angles, ranges, and leverages sports and life throws at you

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