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StrongFirst is proud to present an exclusive seminar on the most sophisticated and powerful strength training system ever—the Soviet weightlifting system. But we will not be talking about snatches and C&Js. You will learn how to apply the System to kettlebell and barbell military presses, weighted pullups and pistols, and the three powerlifts for extraordinary results.

Pavel Tsatsouline, the author of Plan Strong™, has made a career out of taking the very complex from the elitist domain of strength nerds and translating it into everyday English. Bringing power to the people. But something was missing… For years some of the best of the Soviet strength science resisted his efforts to distill it to a tight “how to” package. It was just too intricate.

He finally succeeded. Reduced the Soviet System to its essence—without compromising its integrity. Identified the fundamental principles any intelligent person with no special education can understand. Wrote almost foolproof algorithms that will enable anyone with an adult attention span and grade school math skills to write individualized state of the art strength programs for athletes of any level. Then Pavel applied the System that won Mother Russia so much Olympic gold to the general strength exercises that we focus on at StrongFirst. Presses, pulls, squats. Kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight.

You might ask: “I am not an elite athlete. And as a trainer, I mostly coach regular folks who want to lose weight. Why do I need this advanced system?”

Because you are a professional—or aspire to be one.

Some time ago Ford produced a speeding bullet—the Ford GT. The company spent millions on R&D, yet built only 4,000 GTs shut down the production in spite of great demand. Why would Ford waste that money and not focus on their biggest seller, the sensible Taurus?

When you serve extreme customers, be it race drivers or champion athletes, you get more than professional satisfaction with a job well done in a most challenging environment. In the rare air where there is no margin for error you learn lessons that can be applied to serving your Taurus drivers or everyday folks seeking strength and health.

You do not need a background in sports science, endocrinology, or neuroscience to attend the Plan Strong™ seminar because the instructor will speak plain English. (But if you ask a question in the multisyllabic language of a sports scientist or coach, it will be answered in the same language.)

The seminar is highly interactive, with some of you being asked to design programs together with the presenter and others offering feedback. There will be plenty of case studies and dozens of readymade plans, barbell and kettlebell, to take home with you—along with a highly detailed manual.

Pavel lecturing at a Plan Strong Event

If you cannot afford the time to learn how to design these state-of-the art plans and to write them, let us write them for you! To learn more about Plan Strong™ custom plans, CLICK HERE.

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