Certified Instructors

Who Are Our Certified Instructors?

Our Certified Instructors are comprised of world-class coaches and athletes, full-time trainers, and those who have pursed the Instructor credential as a personal challenge. Many are tactical operators and active duty and retired military. Medical professionals of all varieties: surgeons, chiropractors, physicians, nurses, dietitians, kinesiologists, and physical therapists. Collegiate, high school, and professional sports coaches and athletic trainers. Martial artists, dancers, mathematicians, homemakers, blacksmiths, professors, accountants, lawyers, writers, and artists. In other words: People just like you.

Whether pursued as an individual challenge or to establish a professional qualification, every StrongFirst Certified Instructor must pass the same extensive testing requirements. StrongFirst’s Founder and CEO Pavel Tsatsouline, in fact, was the first to establish a personal training certification of any kind that included a physical testing requirement. Where others may require little more than the payment of a fee and perhaps some multiple choice exam questions, StrongFirst Certified Instructors are held to a higher standard—consistently regarded as the highest in the industry.

Learn from our Certified Instructors

You want to be stronger, and you want to get there safely. Strength with safety is our specialty—and no one in the world does this better than a StrongFirst Certified Instructor.

The principles of strength and the skill of strength development are fundamental to and consistent among all three. But because specialized technique is crucial for safely instructing others, you should seek a Certified Instructor who holds the credential for the modality you wish to learn and practice. An SFB Certified Instructor will know far more about strength acquisition than a typical trainer, for instance, but if you want to incorporate kettlebell training, then an SFG Instructor is non-negotiable. (Same goes for the barbell and SFL, respectively.)

A session with a StrongFirst Certified Instructor is not a passive experience. Their eyes will be on you, ensuring you understand the nuances of technique and safe, strong execution. You will be mentally engaged in the process… it is nothing at all like a mindless routine that you might see in the group fitness room of an ordinary gym. You are learning new skills here, and these skills will make you stronger than you believed you could be.

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The StrongFirst Certified Instructor

Our system cannot spread without Instructors. Our Certified Instructors set us apart. They teach their students to get Strong… first, knowing that being Strong improves all other aspects of life. Our Certified Instructors exemplify our Core Values, believe in our principles and follow the StrongFirst Code:

I am a Student of Strength.

I am a Quiet Professional.

Strength has a Greater Purpose.

Those who attend and pass a StrongFirst Certification join our ranks as StrongFirst Certified Instructors.

  • SFG I Certified Instructors earned this designation by successfully passing the SFG Level I Certification.
  • SFG II Certified Instructors earned this designation by successfully passing the SFG Level II Certification.
  • SFL Certified Instructors earned this designation by successfully passing the SFL Barbell Certification.
  • SFB Certified Instructors earned this designation by successfully passing the SFB Bodyweight Certification.
  • StrongFirst Elite is our highest certified instructor rank. Those who earned this designation have attended and successfully passed all four of our Instructor Certifications: SFG I, SFG II, SFL, and SFB.