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Becoming a better coach: Quality instruction through demonstration, cueing and analogies

So you are a competent athlete who has attended their SFG certification, passed all the tests, survived the weekend and come home an informed and motivated (if not very sore) SFG. So, now what? How do you take all you’ve learned, practiced, and performed personally, and break it down into a language your students can […]

The Half Kneeling Bent Press Series

After beginning with the half kneeling windmill series, this half kneeling bent press series completes an extremely successful learning progression for the full bent press lift.

How to Teach the Get-up in a Group Setting

In the coaching profession, you can always learn new things—I certainly learned many new things about the get-up, and I’m going to share them with you now.

Plan Strong™ Military Press Training Plan

The 501G military press training plan is for a girevik with a 40kg military press 1RM. The 503G plan is for a lady with a 20kg military press 1RM. The plan is identical to men’s plan 501G.

Welcome StrongFirst Certified Instructor!

CONGRATULATIONS on earning and becoming a StrongFirst Certified Instructor!

Your instructor profile is active! Click FIND AN INSTRUCTOR to search for your profile. You may add or change your profile details except your rank and email address, that needs to be requested for us to update. Contact us with questions.

Profile set up instructions here.

We received lots of requests from people looking for quality StrongFirst instruction so let us direct their inquiries to you. Add your bio and photo today. Your email is connect to a contact form that will be sent to you from potential training students.


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Discounts with Partner Organizations

We are not to be all things to all people. Our focus is strength training because we believe strength is the master quality.

There are other important aspects to fitness, and we partner with other organizations to fill those voids and compliment our system.

More details about the 10% reciprocity discount program can be found in the Instructor section of our SOP guide.

Functional Movement Systems (FMS)

Flexible Steel

Ground Force Method

Original Strength

Results Fitness University mentorship


We appreciate you offering your time to assist at our Certifications. You may apply for assisting opportunities via the instructions below:

Please complete our Assistant Application Form to submit your assistant request to us. The best way to inform the Certification organizers of your interest in assisting is to email them directly. Let them know if you’re willing to travel and the locations you are interested in. Contact info can be found on the event webpage.

Please Note:

  • You must hold a current (unexpired) certificate for the Cert weekend if you wish to assist.
  • You must have held this credential for no fewer than 12 months from the date of the Cert weekend.
  • Be prepared to pass all Certification Requirements (SFG, SFG II) at the weekend since you will be required to recertify if you are selected to assist.
  • Video Submissions:
    • Level I skills in a short video—just a few reps of each and a get up.
    • Level II skills in a short video—demonstrating all required Level II skills.
    • Please provide proof of bell size.
    • Any submissions that fail to meet any portion of the criteria may not be considered.
    • IMPORTANT: Privacy settings for the video should be set to unpublished or private, please make sure that your video’s privacy settings are correct.

The above note applies to all StrongFirst modalities and testing requirements. Please review all requirements prior to submitting.

You may not receive a reply email, but that does not mean we do not appreciate that you took the time to apply! As you all are aware, only a very select few receive an invitation to assist. If you do not receive an invitation, please do not be discouraged. Please tighten up your skills if necessary, and do apply again for a later event!

Contact us with questions.


You put in the time and effort to earn your StrongFirst Certified Instructor status; don’t let it slip away! Recertification information here.