StrongFirst Workshops

Whether you are a total newbie to the strength game or have been around but learned bad habits from the “gym bros,” your School of Strength will get you dialed in.

The most experienced instructors certified by StrongFirst are teaching 4-hour workshops in many locations around the world. Kettlebell, barbell, or bodyweight—take your pick. If this is your first rodeo, a 101 workshop is for you:

Kettlebell 101: Simple & Sinister™
Bodyweight 101: The Naked Warrior
Barbell 101: Power to the People!

Not sure which modality to choose?—Sample all three in a Foundations workshop.

The pro grade basics you will learn at a 101 workshop might be all you need to develop the strength and resilience your life demands.

And if it demands more, enter the 201 workshops.

For those of you who have an eye on the prize, a StrongFirst Instructor Certification, the 301 workshops will help you get ready for the challenge.

Select the workshop that is right for you:

Sample all 3:Foundations

(And if you want to host a workshop at your company, school, military unit, fire department, or even for a group of friends, please email us.)

Power to you!