Kettlebell 301: SFG Ready

You have been around the kettlebell block. It is time to set your sights high: the SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification.

Among the many challenges you will have to face at this life changing event are the double kettlebell drills. The “double trouble”…

If you have enough strength and muscle mass to satisfy you, stick with single kettlebell training.

If you do not, read on.

For all the good arguments made by the “functional training” advocates in favor of training one side of the body at a time, they missed one key point. Once you have reached a certain level of strength and muscular development, it is difficult to go beyond if you stick with unilateral loading, be it with a single kettlebell, or some other modality. You will not find NFL linemen who arrived by doing “Bulgarian split squats.”

The strongest people stand on both feet and press and pull with both hands when they lift. Because no unilateral exercise can replicate the jolt to your endocrine system delivered by a heavy bilateral load.

(None of the above diminishes the value of training one side at a time to pursue the body symmetry while preparing oneself for the life’s asymmetry. No point in blaming the screwdriver for being a poor hammer.)

Double kettlebell training has an unforgivingly high entry barrier: mobility, stability, and symmetry of an Olympic weightlifter or a yoga expert. You had to pay your Kettlebell 101 and 201 dues before taking on the 301.


To attend this workshop, you need to be competent in swings, get-ups, goblet squats, snatches, cleans, and presses. Ignore at your peril.

Learn these skills from a Kettlebell 101 workshop, a Kettlebell 201 workshop, a StrongFirst accredited gym, or an SFG certified instructor.

At the Kettlebell 301 workshop you will learn:

  • The Double Swing—“it makes theory real”
  • The Double Clean—a fantastic total body builder and a great expression of athletic power
  • The Double Front Squat—brutal on the legs, easy on the joints; unexpectedly, a killer ab drill
  • The Double Military Press—a classic test of strength and upper body developer
  • A “plug-and-play” Plan Strong™ training template to advance your squats and presses for many months to come
  • A 2.0 version of the “GPR” training plan legendary for its ability to put meat on one’s shoulders, back, and forearms, boost the hip power, and burn fat—all at once
  • A meticulously designed total training program that will make you SFG Ready—the exact exercises, weights, sets, reps, rest periods, and periodization leading up to success at the challenging SFG I Kettlebell Instructor Certification

It goes without saying, we will also review all the drills tested at the SFG I cert, including the swing, the get-up, and the snatch.

After Kettlebell 301 you have almost arrived—you have all the tools to prepare for the gold standard SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification. To spread the word of strength to others—or to challenge yourself “because it’s there.”

Sign up and power to you!

Lausanne, SwitzerlandJun 2, 2024
Wantage, United KingdomJun 9, 2024