“If mankind knew how easy it is to develop strength, there would be no weak people at all.”  

These words of iron legend Ivan Lebedev ring truer than ever today, given the advances in training techniques and methods.

Come to the StrongFirst Foundations workshop and see for yourself. After a few hours with one of our world class instructors you will walk away noticeably stronger—guaranteed.

For this entry level workshop, we have cherry picked a handful of exercises and techniques—kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight—that combine the highest yield results with a quickest learning curve:

  • Power Breathing—the secret to lifting heavy, hitting hard, and looking the part
  • StrongFirst Plank—our state-of-the art plank has been measured to recruit your six-pack 3x more intensely than the conventional plank
  • Barbell Deadlift—the #1 “functional” exercise and the most hardcore lift of all time
  • Hard Style Pushup—an anytime, anywhere strength and muscle builder (the only thing it shares with the traditional pushup is the name)
  • Kettlebell Swing—for hard charging power, ruthless conditioning, and aggressive fat loss

What do you have to lose except your weakness?

Sign up and power to you!

Los Angeles, United StatesFeb 24, 2024
San Diego, United StatesMar 16, 2024
Mexico City, MexicoApr 7, 2024