Bodyweight 101: The Naked Warrior

Today impressive feats of bodyweight strength are common on urban playgrounds. Twenty years ago, you could not find a decent muscle-out, not to mention front levers and more advanced skills. Gymnasts were the only ones who built strength using their bodyweight, while the unsuspecting public wasted their time on high rep calisthenics and had no idea what mastery of muscle tension could do for them.

Then Pavel wrote a disruptive book, The Naked Warrior. The era of bodyweight strength began…

At Bodyweight 101 workshop you will learn the timeless lessons of The Naked Warrior—polished to perfection in the nearly two decades that followed its release:

  • The body language of strength—powerful cues from martial arts, gymnastics, and strength sports that will make you stronger on the spot
  • Zero-to-hero progressions in two “bodyweight powerlifts”
  • The One-Arm Pushup—build crazy strength that totally carries over to any pushing motion—pressing a kettlebell or a barbell, keeping a lineman at bay in football, you name it
  • The Pistol—the ultimate mix of lower body mobility, strength, and muscle that does not chafe
  • “Grease the Groove”—radical Russian programming, flexible and fail-proof
  • Get strong anywhere, anytime—In case civilization is temporary®

Don’t get lost in the weeds of “random acts of variety” rampant in the bodyweight world. It would keep you entertained—while setting your progress back by years. Start your bodyweight strength journey by learning the body language of strength and the two “bodyweight powerlifts.”

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Paris, FranceJun 29, 2024
Emmeloord, NetherlandsJun 30, 2024
Mexico City, MexicoJul 28, 2024
Mont Lebanon, LebanonSep 29, 2024