Bodyweight 301: SFB Ready

The StrongFirst system is about principles, not tools. We are on the same page with the US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program whose motto is “One mind, any weapon.” 

Having learned the fundamental bodyweight strength exercises, you are ready to consolidate your knowledge.


To attend this workshop, you need to be able to perform—or at least be close—the following exercises: the one-arm pushup, the pistol, the hard style pullup, and the hard style hanging leg raise.

Learn these skills from a Bodyweight 101 workshop, a Bodyweight 201 workshop, a StrongFirst accredited gym, or a StrongFirst certified SFB instructor. Ignore at your peril; you may find yourself standing around taking notes.

At Bodyweight 301 you will learn:

  • The muscle wisdom to apply your strength built with bodyweight to other modalities: the kettlebell, the barbell, a rock, you name it
  • How to prepare for the demanding StrongFirst Bodyweight Strength Instructor Certification, SFB—a total training plan from our top instructors
  • The wall supported Handstand Pushup—a renowned strength and muscle builder, fully equipped with progressions, regressions, variations, and bulletproof programming

Be a master of your body, not its tenant.

Sign up and power to you!

Denver, United StatesMar 10, 2024