Bodyweight 201: Hard Style Pullups & Abs

There are plenty of good reasons to master pullups. To negotiate obstacles while wearing a heavy kit… To build lats ready for a confrontation on the mat… Because pullup excellence highly correlates with low bodyfat…

Whatever your reason is, it must be important—which is why your pullups deserve to be done right. To put it bluntly, whatever passes for “pullups” at most gyms and playgrounds is a joke. If you are ready to stop impersonating pullups and to learn the real deal, the Bodyweight 201 workshop is for you. Learn:

  • The Hard Style Pullup—reverse engineered from gymnastics and martial arts for the greatest carryover to sports and hard living
  • The Hard Style Hanging Leg Raise—insanely strict and challenging, with a step-by-step progression
  • Hard Style Abs drills—to take punishment and to dish it out
  • Progressions, regressions, variations…
  • Military designed and tested pullup programming

Pull strong. Look the part.

Sign up and power to you!

Portland, OR, United StatesJun 24, 2023
Vancouver, CanadaJul 2, 2023
Paris, FranceSep 23, 2023
Kaunas, LithuaniaOct 29, 2023
San Diego, CA, United StatesDec 9, 2023

If there are no workshops in your area, please check the schedule later or learn from our Online Courses.