Barbell 301: SFL Ready

Man heavy back squat

The final step in your journey towards the SFL StrongFirst Barbell Instructor Certification is mastering the squat.

If you are committed to building as much muscle as your frame can carry, you must back squat—there are no “ifs” or “buts” about it.

Done right, the Back Squat is a builder with no equals. Done wrong, it can wreck you for good. Our instruction is obsessively precise.

The Front Squat is more democratic. For most athletes it is a better choice than the back squat—unless hypertrophy is the top priority.

The Good Morning is another “restricted entry” exercise. It is the “grind” counterpart of the kettlebell swing. The GM trains the entire posterior chain, from the base of your skull to your feet. Strength gains directly carry over to the SQ, the DL, and great many athletic applications.


To attend this workshop, you need to be competent in the deadlift (either conventional or sumo), the bench press, and the military press.

Learn these skills from a Barbell 101 workshop, a Barbell 201 workshop, a StrongFirst accredited gym, or a StrongFirst certified SFL instructor.

Ignore at your peril; you may find yourself standing around taking notes.

Barbell 301 will give you all the tools to prepare for the most exclusive and detailed barbell strength instructor certification—SFL StrongFirst Barbell Instructor Certification—including an exact training cycle specially designed to prepare you for the tests.

Sign up and power to you!

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