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  1. Norbert

    Kettlebell Substitute for Turkish getups

    Hey strong folks! my name's Norbert and I'm glad to be here! I've practiced combat systems and "fitness" (calisthenics, Indian maces, kettlebells and regular weights) since I'm 14 years old (I'm 48 now). I suffered several injuries because of my full-contact sparring/contests, but never, ever...
  2. PaulAtreides

    Off-Topic Thoughts and experiences on Footbiking?

    Lately, I've been very interested in getting a good footbike for everyday use in the city (instead of public transport for 0.5km - 6km distances). I'm looking to buy a model like this Why not just buy a bike? - In Switzerland (where I live), a footbiker is legally a "pedestrian holding a toy"...
  3. Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB Punch Kettlebell where to purchase or alternative

    Hi All, Have a 32kg Punch kettlebell- would like to add another matching kb for doubles work. Tried to contact response are they still in business? Anyone suggest another bell that I can pair my existing with? Live in Hawaii so I know shipping will be an issue. May have to ship to...
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