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  1. DJR Harris

    Other/Mixed Chest expansion

    Is 'Chest expander' devices worthy ? Recently came across a book "' Chest Expander for Abounding Health and Building Better Bodies "' by Alfred Danks made me think about spending money on one of those gadgets. Although I've to confess my chest already a lot opened up after Pavel's chest opening...
  2. DJR Harris

    Other/Mixed Breathe during squat

    Could you guys please help me with how to breathe during strength squat? On ' Martial power ' video, Pavel told to breathe out when going down and breathe in when coming up,and he also mentioned this doesn't apply for strength training. As far I saw from his other kettlebell videos, breathe in...
  3. Steve Rogers

    A Lifestyle of Strength

    Hello everyone, My goal is to complete the S&S workout plan up to the 48kg Beast. I don’t have a timeline because I want to do this right. I also don’t want to sideline myself with an injury. I’m 32 years old. 160lbs. At 5’ 7”. My purpose for this training log is to get feedback from this...
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