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delorme method

  1. Barbell Pavel’s DeLorme Inspired Hypertrophy program

    First time posting, but I had to share about this Pavel program I’m doing. And not really looking for advice, but a little background… I’m currently 45 and have been training with a barbell for 8 years. Started with CrossFit, but I realized early on that progressing is quite hard since the...
  2. Philippe Geoffrion

    Training Log (Public) Surovetsky (Push/Pull)

    This is my first post for StrongFirst. As an avid reader of Pavel's works, I have decided to put one of his hypertrophy programs to the test! Beyond Bodybuilding is a treasure trove of knowledge and if you haven't picked it up, I highly recommend it! That is where this program can be found. As a...
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