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grease the groove

  1. KimoSabe

    When to advance with GtG?

    In NW, I found this passage: I always thought that one should be doing GtG with 50 % or less of 1RM or max reps. Keeping the same example, should one get for example 12 reps in the test, so that one would have to do sets of 6 in training, which goes above the rule of 5 reps, and only then...
  2. tomvogel01

    Turkish Get Up GTG style

    Hi guys, I'm currently following S&S to the letter working on Timeless Simple. A thought occurred to me and I was curious to hear reflections from the community. Why not do the TGUs Grease the Groove style if one has the time? E.g. in S&S going from 24kg to 32 kg requires 4 weeks per every 2...
  3. slowrollerbjj

    Kettlebell Grease the Groove with Swings?

    Hey all- I've been searching the forums for something related, but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Hoping to get some advice from those stronger and wiser than I am. I train bjj 6 days a week, about 1.5 hours every night. I've been trying to do S&S in the morning, but have found that...
  4. Other/Mixed Thought Experiment: Programming for OCR

    Was wondering how people on here would use StrongFirst principles and other approaches to program for obstacle course racing. This was something I did years ago, with some moderate success (top 20 placing in shorter races and completion of OCR lengths all the way up to Spartan Ultra). But I...
  5. Bodyweight Pull up case study: GTG Vs Fighter Pull up program

    At work, we had a June pull up contest. So in Strong-first fashion, I asked two of my colleagues to battle it out using two different style of programming. Thought I would do a write up about my findings. This is not an either or write-up. My results showed that they were both great programs...
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