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heavy kettlebells

  1. Kettlebell From 24 kg to 36 kg S&S

    Hi everyone, I´m new to the forum. Read ETK and S&S 1.0, started kb trainning, read S&S 2.0 few weeks ago. 40 yo, 75 kg, a bit over worked and a 5 mo baby at home. Doing S&& with 24kg first 5-6 mornings a week, and running the remaining. No more like 4 days of S&S and 3 of LISS (run). (maybe...
  2. Cobra

    Kettlebell How to plan transitioning to heavy double cleans

    I've got 2 x 16, 2x24 and 2x32 bells. I've no plans of buying intermediate bells for financial reasons and lack of room. Currently nearing the end of STRONG with double 24:s, "Slow and steady". Hoping for a new 10RM after that. I'm glancing ahead, curious as to how to transition into heavier...
  3. Anne Casstevens


    Background: I’m a StrongFirst Elite Instructor, Team Leader and Iron Maiden. I own and run my own studio in Salt Lake City UT. After completing my Iron Maiden Challenge I developed a love for the 24kg. This is my log of where I’m at and the ways I’m using some heavy complexes to improve my...
  4. Chrisdavisjr

    Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB UK (South East) - Wolverson black 40kg cast iron kettlebell

    Located in South East Essex. In good shape; kept indoors and only used by myself. £70.00 or best offer.
  5. Chrisdavisjr

    Kettlebell Hermann Görner's 'The Chain'

    I remember reading about German strongman Hermann Görner's Die Kette or The Chain in The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. It involves performing a snatch, press, clean and press all with the same arm on progressively heavier kettlebells. I saw this video today (some of you here are probably...
  6. Kettlebell Training Beyond 32kg

    Hello all, First, let me take a moment and introduce myself, my name is Brian and I've been following an ETK-like program for a little less than a year now to boost my rowing performance. Prior to this, I experimented with a few different weight routines before finding something that was...
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