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  1. Carl in Dover

    Barbell Added a little color to the training room....

    Thought these might brighten up the room a little. Been on the wish list for a long time.
  2. Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB "Nice to haves"

    Hey everyone, My company gives us an annual fitness reimbursement of up to $150 to buy health & fitness related items. I've been trying to decide what to go with for mine. I have a very nice collection of kettlebells and resistance bands, parallettes, and rings but I'm having a hard time...
  3. Other/Mixed Hammer, Stick, and Stone. Forearm and Grip Blaster for Free at Home

    Some workout tips for getting those monster forearms and a grip like a steel vise. These are all free to cheap hacks you can do at home. Thank you for watching.
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