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  1. Bodyweight Pistol Squat

    Hey Everyone! I would love to learn how to correctly do Pistol Squat. Can you be so kind and point me towards correct resources to learn progression movements and supporting exercises so I can start learning, please?
  2. Bodyweight How to start with Calisthenics ?

    Hi Guys, just a few weeks ago I started to really commit to wanting to learn everything I needed to learn to start and ultimately master Calisthenics. The first book I´ve read was Convict Conditioning and I overall really like the philosophy of it. But I didn´t feel like that it really gave me...
  3. coachnathanwhite

    Off-Topic Influential Books

    Learning from another's perspective is an invaluable experience. Here are 10 books in no particular order that have influenced my life personally and professionally. Please share yours, thanks! Note: Thread inspired by @Strong Rick @patterner discussion of "Mediations" by Marcus Aurelius. 1)...
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