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  1. nish1013

    Kettlebell Swing review request

    (y) Power to all of you Could you please provide a feedback on my swing ? Thank you
  2. nish1013

    Kettlebell Form check Get-Up

    I'm new to Get-up , recently did the StrongFirst one day course. I'm practising only using a shoe. I tried with 8kg KB and found my shoulder couldn't hold it. Did a test by doing the waiter's walk, seems like my shoulders get tired soon. Any feedback on form/technique would be greatly...
  3. Maine-ah KB

    Bodyweight Review of GTG, Naked warrior and What the Heck

    So I've been GTG pistols and OAPU almost exclusively for just under 2 months while away from home and I thought id share my results. Strength increases. OAPU before 3-4 rep per side after 7-8. and I almost got a OAOL PU (if I spent some time with elevation I think it would come quick)...
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