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  1. The painless path to endurance routine

    I came across this article from Tim Ferris ( The Painless Path to Endurance (Plus: Breville Winner and More) ) in which he more or less discussed the training routine from this SOF guy called Victor, who is quote: "He was capable of a strict pullup with 160 pounds of extra weight, at a...
  2. Other/Mixed S&S, running and Judo

    I'm looking for a way to incorporate these 3 things in my training schedule. I don't have any particular running plan and only do LSD, I primarily do it for the mental clarity it gives me plus my body really likes it. I can casually run for 30min no problem and eventually aim at 60min but I'm in...
  3. J.C.S.

    Other/Mixed Run commuting

    Has anyone had experience run commuting? I have been playing with it for the past few months and usually run to work 1-2x of my three 12 hour work week. The logistics have been fairly simple and I am still tinkering with my daily kit. My wife picks me up at the end of the day, and my work is...
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