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  1. Other/Mixed Super soldier training!

    Hey! In about 15 months i will be trying out for my home country’s parachute regiment. This is a SOF unit with a really hard selection! At selection I will need to: Run 7km with a 22kg ruck in 35min Do 50 pushups Do 20 pull-ups And swim 400m in 10min If I manage this I will have to endure 7-10...
  2. Other/Mixed Special forces selection

    Hi, I want to talk about training load in preparation for this event. I have to run 3 times a week (long run 10-15km, 5km intesive and intervals for Cooper test). I have 3 to 4 training sesion for strengt endurance a w. What type of program would you recommend? I propably will have to do high...
  3. Off-Topic S.A.R.C. Prep

    Hello everyone, First time poster, long time stalker (on the forums, not people). Was wondering if there's any active or prior S.A.R.C.'s out there with any tips on preparing ones self (physically, mentally and emotionally) for the courses. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
  4. Other/Mixed SOF Selection Prep

    Hi there gents, Myself and a few people in my Unit here in our armed forces are intending to attend our Joint Special Forces Selection Test, a two week course that has two phases (1st week is physical screening 2nd week is selection itself.) First week 1) 500m swim test (15 minutes) 2)...
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