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  1. Other/Mixed Distal Bicep Tendonitis Help

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering If anyone has had the same experience/problem as me regarding pain and recovery in their Distal Bicep Tendonitis? A couple months ago, I started to experience discomfort/weakness in my lower bicep area when doing specifically pull ups. The discomfort wasn't...
  2. Bodyweight OAPU sore shoulders

    A while back I was working on my push ups, and I found that my shoulders would get sore in a way that didn't feel great. Like, the soreness would start on the day of training rather than the day after like typical DOMS. I've had similar symptoms in the past from barbell bench press. I've always...
  3. Barbell Suggestions for training with tendonitis

    I was diagnosed with calcific tendonitis in my right elbow a few weeks ago. I know it's in my left elbow as well (old X-rays showed that much). Doc said it's obvious I've had this a very long time. Anyway, I'm not wanting to go the surgery route. He suggested the old ice and ibuprofen routine...
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