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  1. Other/Mixed S&S, running and Judo

    I'm looking for a way to incorporate these 3 things in my training schedule. I don't have any particular running plan and only do LSD, I primarily do it for the mental clarity it gives me plus my body really likes it. I can casually run for 30min no problem and eventually aim at 60min but I'm in...
  2. Eric Wilson

    Kettlebell Best spacing of light, medium, and heavy days ROP

    Recently started ROP, and was planning on doing the ladders on the following days: Monday: light Wednesday: medium Saturday: heavy I'm curious though -- is it best to have the two days of rest/variety before the heavy day, or after it? (For example, I could move the heavy day to Friday or I...
  3. Barbell Multiple questions about using the Grease the Groove routine for leg strength.

    So I am currently doing 5x5x225 w/ 15mins in between sets. I do this MWF and I am wondering a few things. 1. Can I do this more often? i.e. S-F(6 days a week) since the whole the goal of GTG is to increase strength by doing perfect reps at 30-60% of your 1RM. If I am not tired after could I...
  4. bill calhoun

    Barbell The Naked Warrior + Barbell Training (5x5x5 or 3x5)

    I'm getting ready to start Pavel's audacious and awesome (yep, I'm dead serious...the guy's programs are epic). I also just started Deadlifts (I stopped benches & dips as Pavel recommends we do not do those in conjunction with 1-arms), and his pull-up program. My question: 1. Should I do the...
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