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  1. Epictetus554

    Other/Mixed Calisthenics and Weights : Longevity Factor

    Hello Everybody, I wanted to get a discussion started on calisthenics and weights. Now, I understand that it's fully possible to have the best of both worlds and just to do both modalities. My main reason for training is longevity and health. In the long run, how do these two modalities match...
  2. Carl in Dover

    Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB 350# Rogue Hi-Temps bumpers

    $400.00 cash or PayPal 350# Rogue Hi-Temp bumper set Carefully used, not dropped and all beat up. Edges and centers look good. Rubber bumpers are nice as they don't rattle. Pick up in Dover Delaware area. (or I may meet you halfway if deposit sent through PayPal) 4x45# 2x35# 2x25# 2x15# 2x10#...
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