Jordan Mega

profilephoto01-0011G00000vVZ6IQAWBasketball and dancing drove my youth.
In 2012 it all started with a bet to give a step class.
As a result, I passed my coaching diploma. Sharing and the passion to teach an audience grew as my practice progressed.

In 2018 I am turning to other diplomas focused on Small Group Training and in 2019 I am starting to explore strength and mobility work.

2020 I give my last group lessons and focus on individual coaching, naturally I turn to KB but... hello the unknown!!

Huge love at first sight when I begin to understand its usefulness/complexity thanks to the course of REDSTARKETTLEBELL following which, I begin a long preparation for SFG1.
2022 I have my first certification of The School Of Strength STRONGFIRST
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