Arryn Grogan

profilephoto01-001370000076VgVAAUArryn works primarily, via online coaching, with other coaches to hone their skills, strengthen their weaknesses, and build their own coaching skills.

DV8 Kettlebell Instructor (2020)
Assistant Instructor at many StrongFirst Instructor Certifications (FL, CA, OR, WA, PA, and Costa Rica) (2016-2019)
Functional Movement Screen Level 1 (2018)
StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor (2018)
Strong Endurance by StrongFirst (2017)
Movement Restoration by Brandon Hetzler (2017)
Prehab / Rehab by Dr. Mark Cheng (2016)
Clinical Athlete by Quinn Henoch (2016)
StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 2 Instructor (2016)
StrongFirst Barbell Instructor (2015, 2016, 2017)
Building the Ultimate Back by Dr. Stuart McGill (2015)
Plan Strong by StrongFirst (2015)
StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 1 Instructor (2015)
Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Black Belt by Sifu Vito Gili (2014)
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Jessica K
I have been training in person with Arryn as well as online with him and Holly for almost 2 months, preparing for my SFG I. In that time, I've already made great strength gains and improvements in my technique and conditioning. Arryn is an amazing teacher and coach. He has such a special way of breaking things down and is always very encouraging. I'm loving the programming as well...I never feel bored and I feel like I'm working on all the things that I need help with. Arryn is great about explaining why we are doing particular exercises, and it seems there is a good reason for each one. I already feel much more prepared for my cert weekend than I did two months ago!

Jim Phillops
I've been working with Arryn in a few different programs for the last 4 years and he really is a great coach. His instruction allows me to quickly grasp new concepts and learn advanced movements, because he breaks it down in way that is easy to understand and retain. He has a great feel for what I'm comfortable with and doesn't have an issue pushing me if I'm holding myself back. I never would have thought online coaching could have been as effective as it has been since we started the newest program.

Holly and Arryn helped my friend pass her SFG I certification, and she recommended them to me. Unlike her, I don’t live anywhere near them, so you can see how I was skeptical of doing it completely through distance coaching when I first started. But I have been continuing to gain strength and solidify my training technique, the SFG I cert is definitely within reach for me. Arryn is smart and patient, and teaches that building strength requires patience.

I have been training with Holly and Arryn since October of 2018. My experience has been nothing short of awesome. I had it set in my head that I wanted the SFB Certification but had no idea where to start and I knew I needed some guidance. Luckily for me, these two had just gone live with their online coaching platform. I couldn’t ask for more in my coaches than these two provide. They are patient when I have a million questions. Even more so when I have an injury or if I am being gun shy because of one. They have an extensive knowledge of all modalities that StrongFirst offers and are willing to have fun with you along the way. They take pride in how they teach, provide valuable feedback and cues that make a difference in your performance, and are your personal cheerleaders always. I am truly grateful for Holly & Arryn on my strength journey and I am excited for what’s to come!

Kirk J Southworth
I recently received my SFG1 in March of 2019, and may I say what a great Feeling! This is Due to the excellent coaching of Arryn and Holly online and in person. They were able to see where I was at in my kettlebell technique. Then get me to where I needed to be to pass my SFG1 the first time thru. They have built confidence with in me, and I can't wait to work with them on my SFG2.

I worked with Arryn and Holly Myers on the 1/3 BW military press to complete my SFG2 certification. In just 6.5 weeks from my first online training session they worked their magic and I passed! Their model is simple yet effective. They make constant communication, specific feedback, and accountability fun. Holly and Arryn have pushed me to train with more load than I ever thought I could, and have surprised me with what I can accomplish. I have seriously developed as a student of strength through their guidance. I highly recommend training with these special individuals - what you will achieve might shock you! Thanks!

Alex Kelsey
I first met Arryn when we had both been working out of Industrial Strength Gym. During his time there it was easy for me to see not only his fun attitude while working with clients, but also his discipline and ability to constantly learn. So many coaches seem to get stuck in their "own" ways, but Arryn is always looking for how he himself can improve, get better, and then teach what he has learned to his students. Once I learned of his online coaching with Holly I ran to them for help and will continue to return to them over and over again. Couldn't recommend anyone better!

Hallie Tobias
I primarily trained with Holly Myers for my SFG1 in February 2019 which allowed me the opportunity to work with Arryn a few times in that process. Arryn not only brings a thorough understanding of movement, kettlebells, and StrongFirst technique, but he provides easy to understand feedback and a fun, positive environment as well! Right away, you can tell how much Arryn cares about teaching strength and how he works with people and I've encouraged other trainers to seek him out for their own StrongFirst cert prep!

I worked with Arryn for over 2 years on kettlebell and barbell training, primarily in the context of small group classes. Arryn has the unique ability to tailor his instruction to the individual so that each trainee received the specific instruction appropriate for them. I also have a tendency to geek out on technique and like to ask pretty specific questions. I really appreciated Arryn's willingness, and ability, to geek out with me on really minor technique points. If you want to get strong, and learn solid technique, as well as the "why" behind the technique, you can't go wrong with Arryn. Last, but not least, Arryn is just really fun to train with.

I worked with Arryn after finding him and Holly online through their amazing Instagram page ( @liftwithhollyandarryn). I was, what I considered, an avid kettlebeller but when I saw their form and technique I knew I was nowhere close to where I should be, so I contacted them. Being in Canada and them in the US and never doing any online training I was a bit hesitant, but once we started a personalized program I knew it was a perfect fit! They really helped me hone my technique and coached me through video review and video calls. Their personalities and eagerness to share their knowledge was awesome and I highly recommend them as coaches for anyone looking to sharpen their skills or just to learn the Strongfirst method.

I’ve been working with Arryn and Holly Myers for two months via online coaching. I can’t say enough how effective their programming and coaching has been. The progress has been measurable and I love their style - very positive, technical, and lots of great feedback. So excited to see what’s next!!!!


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