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I am very proud to be part of the worldwide StrongFirst community. I'm 54 years old. I teach just outside of Philadelphia, at my gym, Delco Kettlebells. (www.delcokettlebells.com)

My sports and fitness background started as a hyper-active young kid in NY that loved to move and play. Little league baseball, swimming and gymnastics were my every day. (Competed in gymnastics from the age of 6 to 13) I started weight training at about 17 years old - using traditional bodybuilding split routines. (That's what we were ALL doing in the 80's and early 90's!) I have continued to train with weights in one form or another since that time. These days, aside from KB training - active hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, surfing/standup paddle-boarding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The bells just make everything better.

My interest in kettlebell training started with CrossFit in 2006, training and competing, and eventually coaching, and then through the influence and coaching of my first KB mentor, SF Master Instructor Andrea U-Shi Chang at her Seattle gym, where I learned about the incredibly effective methods of hardstyle KB training. Since then the kettlebell has been my primary tool of choice for S&C, for myself and in coaching others. I am always looking to continue my education as a trainer/coach and as an athlete, and plan to pursue a SFG L2 certification in the next year.

I achieved the SFG L1 in Nov. 2014, in Vancouver BC, with Master Instructors Jon Engum and Mike Hartle. Re-certified SFG L1 in September 2016 as an assistant to Derek Miller TL, and hosted by Master Instructor Phil Scarito, and for a second time in September 2018, as an assistant to John Spezzano TL, again hosted by Master Instructor Phil Scarito.

I am interested in many forms of training and continue to explore, play, experiment and learn every day. I believe we are all built to move and play for our entire lives, and that good movement (including strength training) is the foundation of overall health, real strength and sustainable, long term well-being! Everything begins with with moving well. I specialize in simple, effective training and programming for building strength, power and increased conditioning, and pride myself on practicing what i preach!

DKB has a regular schedule of small group classes, and individual personal training, utilizing various implements - including bodyweight, parallettes, rings, clubs, mace, etc.. with a decided and deliberate focus on the very versatile kettlebell.

When i am not training or teaching, i like to hike with my family, stand-up paddle (flat water or surf), and train Jiu Jitsu. I live with my wife and two sons, 19 and 16, and various furry creatures - in Wallingford, PA, Delaware County - just outside of Philadelphia
In addition to KB instruction, I have been a professional freelance graphic designer for over 30 years. Many of my clients are in the strength and fitness field. It’s nice to blend both passions!

Come get stronger with me!


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Kettlebell Instructor SFG I


City: Wallingford
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