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Eileen Backman

profilephoto01-001370000076Y3vAAEEileen Backman is a SFG II certified kettlebell instructor, ACSM certified group exercise instructor, and Functional Movement and Functional Capacity Systems certified screener.

After obtaining her Level I certification, Eileen went on to teach open classes at the YMCA, and in January 2016 she opened her own kettlebell studio "Just Kettlebells," in downtown Bloomington, Illinois.

At Just Kettlebells, Eileen does FMS screening and corrective work, individual training sessions and small group private classes for beginner and intermediate levels.

In 2017, Eileen had the privilege to serve as a Team Assistant to Master SFG and now StrongFirst CEO Fabio Zonin.

In 2018, (at the age of 50) Eileen achieved the Sinister Standard for women.

In April 2019, Eileen achieved her Level II SFG certification. In addition, two of Eileen's students obtained their Level I Certification at the same event.

Eileen is passionate about the benefits of kettlebell training, and loves sharing the skill of strength with others!
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T.B. aka:Papa Georgio
You can see from Eileen's many certifications and achievements that she knows her stuff. On top of that, she's a great coach who's very encouraging. I took a kettlebell basics class with Eileen and learned so much. If you get the opportunity to train with Eileen, please do so.

Kathryn Bell
Where do I begin? Eileen is a wonderful teacher. She inspires through example, precise teaching, encouragement and humor. She is a keen observer of each student and offers helpful suggestions for improving body awareness that leads to safer and more effective movement. I love and appreciate the group atmosphere which is also very supportive and helpful. At 72 and two years of working with Eileen, I have never felt stronger and more confident in my skin. I highly endorse Eileen and Just Kettebells to anyone of any age and level of ability. You'll be amazed at what your body can do with the right support.

Terry Noel
I just finished four weeks of private sessions with Eileen. I have used kettlebells for years, but wanted to improve my form and learn some new exercises. She delivered that and much more. I have been able to correct some hitches in my form and learn new movements that will help me round out my training. Eileen knows her stuff, explains things clearly, and gives the reasoning behind what she is teaching. I now have a set of workout routines and a goal to shoot for. She made the experience rewarding and fun. I cannot recommend her instruction enough. If you are interested in kettlebell training, Just Kettlebells is the place to go.

Lynn Stege
I retired from teaching at 60 years old & decided I needed to begin an exercise program to keep active & keep my bones strong. I joined a friend who was taking kettlebell training with Eileen. I was not confident that I would be able to keep up but soon fell in love with kettlebells & Eileen as an instructor. She helps you start where you can, encourages your every step and gently pushes you to achieve even more. Before you know it, you're doing things you never imagined you could. I stayed with it for over 2 years and only stopped because I moved. I would
recommend Just Kettlebells to anyone. If I could do it, so can YOU!

Nell Wood
I just finished my 3rd, 6 week session with Eileen and Just Kettlebells. I have loved it and am looking forward to starting the 4th one soon. Eileen knows her stuff and she has a great place to swing the bell. If you are curious about Kettlebells or have been looking for a way to shake up your workout routine I highly recommend signing up for Eileen's Beginner 6 week session to get you started. It gives you all the fundamentals and from there you safely build on those fundamentals and you get stronger then you ever thought possible.

Sandi Barlow
Two years of Kettlebell training has flown by with Eileen Backman as my instructor. I love her technical expertise, strength, and encouraging spirit. She allows you to start where you are in your fitness journey and guides you to improved strength and mobility. By changing the class cycle every 6 weeks, you never get bored with the training and you are always amazed at the progress you’ve made in just 6 weeks. I am thankful that I signed up for a Functional Movement Screening and took the beginner class with Eileen. Now, I make sure I sign up for every session, so I don’t lose my spot!

Kathryn Bell
Eileen is indeed passionate about kettlebell training and supporting her students' health and strength through achieving their personal goals. She is masterful in designing workout routines that build strength and good form. And she knows each individual students' abilities , offering modifications to prevent injury and gradually build skill. The classes are fun and the supportive atmosphere is contagious. At 71, after just a few years of working with Eileen, I feel stronger than ever, and am executing moves I never imagined I could do. She's just the best! And kettlebells are so much fun!

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