Hans Meyer

I am a kettlebell and barbell instructor originally from Norway. Having played rugby for 15 years I have personally used the Strongfirst system to rebuild my body.

I train people of all levels to become stronger, more mobile, and better conditioned. Whether you're a competitive athlete or just looking to move better with less pain, I can help you!

Hans Meyer:

Church Street
San Francisco, CA
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Britni Snow
I’ve been working with Hans for at least the last 2 years. In that time I’ve had major strides with my form and strength. Working out with Hans is actually fun, in part because his coaching has made me so much stronger. He has helped me perfect my form so that I am safe and effective with him and on my own. He’s has pushed me to challenge myself, while respecting my limits. I can’t recommend him enough!

Great instructor, always seems to have time for everyone in class and picks up on my weaknesses. Has a really good personality that fills class with energy.

Knowledge, motivation, and enthusiasm is what Hans gives us in every class. He inspires me to keep going and to challenge myself. His patience and warm personality make me feel at home. He is one of a kind!

The true measure of a man's strength is found in his character.

I've had a lot of instructors and trainers in my life in many different capacities, but very few real "coaches". To me the number one job of a coach is to encourage. They believe in us when we don't. They see what we are capable of when we can't. They set us back on track when we fall off. Hans is a great coach!

Yes, he knows his stuff. He models movement perfectly for us and knows how to cue us when we don't quite get it right. He knows how to modify things when we are hurt... and how hard or soft to push when it's just an off day. The most important thing, however, to me anyway, is that he leads us, ALWAYS, with a smile on his face and a GENUINE desire in his heart for us to succeed.

This is the kind of coach that welcomes everyone into our strength community without judgement and trains us all with equal attention and enthusiasm. He is never intimidating and always laughing and encouraging.

He makes training fun...as it should be. :-)

Christian Maldonado
I started at Evolution Fitness November of 2015 as birthday gift from wife. At that time I was recovering from injuries that took me out of the sports of triathlon and competitive cycling and needed some motivation and something different to do. I took my first ever kettlebell class with Hans and I was hooked. Ever since I have taken about 90% of my classes with Hans. Hans's energy and dedication bring the best out of each and every of his students. Whether you want to improve your swing or get to your first pullup Hans is there to help you and treat you with the highest level of professionalism. Hans embodies the spirit of StongFirst and the fact that 'We are brought together by the conviction that strength has a greater purpose'.
When I first walked to that gym I was a weak endurance athlete with no strength to pull my body up an inch. With Hans's guidance, lessons and encouragement I'm now up 3 full pullups in a span of 4 months working on this one goal. I feel stronger and fitter and it's in great part thanks to Hans. I look forward to every class and to Hans's motivation to reach the best out of myself. You know you have the right trainer when you look forward to 'suffering' under their guidance. Thanks Hans!

I cannot recommend Hans highly enough as a trainer or instructor. I am lucky to have been his client in a group class, and the individual attention he is able to bring to each and every student is impressive. He is consistently alert, 100% engaged, offers constructive feedback and correction, and his enthusiasm is totally infectious. Hans is supremely professional yet remains open and approachable. Under Hans's instruction and challenging but fun programs, my kettlebell skills, mobility, and strength have markedly improved, directly impacting my ability to take on longer and more challenging wilderness backpacking trips with ease while remaining injury-free. Hans inspires me to set higher goals - I wish I had found him years ago!

I love working with Hans. He is positive, keeps me on task and has made me grow in strength and stamina.

Kate R
Hans must have eyes at the back of his head, because he always seems to know when I'm being lazy with my technique or if I'm doing an exercise wrong - and that's what I love about him as a trainer. He is attentive to the class and always takes the time to teach (sometimes over and over again) the proper movements. As someone who is relatively new to kettle bell training, I appreciate the patience, energy and enthusiasm he brings to every class. It's always a fun workout with Hans!

Autumn K.
I always look forward to my workouts because I know Hans will be energetic and positive. Even if I am not in the mood to workout Hans always gets the group motivated! He makes technique the most important aspect during each session. I was able to do my first pull-up with the help of Hans! I feel so lucky to have had Hans as my trainer! Thank you for your dedication to all of us!

Scott Harrison
While training for the most recent Tactical Strength Challenge Hans took extra time and care in helping perfect my movements. He is very knowledgeable and always thinks up new ways to describe movements so everyone can understand them. He is very approachable and fun to learn from. Thanks Hans!!

Joe Martin
I workout at Evolution fitness and I'm honored and privilege to train with Hans! He is s awesome great instructor and trainer and makes the workouts enjoyable. He's always available and very positive. Hans has helped me become better with my kettle bell skills. Great person and instructor!

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