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profilephoto01-0013700000JdskNAARI believe iron is the fountain of youth. I have been lifting since 1975; so, for 43 years I have hoisted iron at least twice weekly. It matters...a lot.

So, too, does remaining open minded and enthusiastic about new things. I'd never even heard of a kettlebell until 2014. Kettlebell training has transformed my approach to strength, my mobility, and most importantly, my karate. Without StrongFirst and hardstyle kettlebell work, I would never have earned my 3rd Brown Belt in Shotokan karate.

In addition to my SFG, I have college degrees in physical education, internal medicine (physician assistant), and public health. I know the science; I know the data; I know the difference between fact and fiction, myth and reality. I know how to help you reach your fitness, performance, and health goals. And I do so without any conflicts of interest; I don't sell supplements, gadgets, or gizmos.

No matter whether you need to normalize risk factors, such as body weight or blood pressure, or improve sports performance, or simply feel better every day, you can make great strides towards your goals with the right coach.

All my kettlebell coaching is detailed, individual-focused, and one-on-one. It's hard work, there's a lot of information, and you must practice. But, if you are willing to do all that, I believe the payoff could be huge.
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