Article Submission

Application to Write for StrongFirst

A defining feature of the StrongFirst organization and its educational content is the collective contribution made by our leadership, SFG/SFL/SFB certified instructors, long-time fans, and other strength professionals across the globe.

If you would like to be considered as a contributor to our site, please submit the following:

  1. Your resume or explanation of your experience, accomplishments, and certifications within and outside of StrongFirst.
  2. Your areas of specialty and what makes you and your approach unique.
  3. If you have article ideas already in your mind, please share them with us, as well, but keep your explanation of each idea brief.

If you haven’t been published before, don’t let that stop you from pitching an idea to us!

Please submit all writing applications to

Things to Consider About Writing for StrongFirst:

1. Content should be relevant and useful but also showcase your unique voice and philosophy. What do you have to share that no other person can share the same way?

2. Content should be original and not have been published elsewhere (such as on your personal/business website or other publication). If you borrow any ideas, photos, quotations, or concepts from others, you must attribute proper credit. We do not tolerate plagiarism or theft of any sort.

3. The use of examples, research, and case studies shows an in-depth understanding of a topic and provides a real-world application perspective that is often useful for effectively making your point.

4. When formulating and proposing ideas, consider what the actionable takeaway will be for the reader.

5. You will be required to supply photos (and/or video, if applicable), a biography, and profile picture along with your article.

6. If your piece is published, we expect that you will respond to reader comments and questions on both our blog page and Facebook. Please be sure to check for these during the days following your piece being published.

Final Notes on Article Submission:

Even the most stellar content gets edited. This can include editing of phrasing, spelling, grammar, structure, and photos. This is all done in order to help better communicate your ideas and the spirit of your piece, as well as to help readers find our articles. Our goal is not to re-write any piece, but to help keep your ideas flowing to deliver the best reader experience.

Please submit all writing applications to