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1. Content

  • Know your reader. Would your article appeal to the members of the StrongFirst forum?
  • We look for original (not published elsewhere) work that supports our mission to pursue, practice, and promote strength.
  • Contributed articles must contain actionable advice; raw information and inspiration are not enough. Please provide training plans, skill tips, etc. Use examples, research, and case studies to support your recommendations.
  • Please give credit for ideas, photos, and quotations taken from other sources.
  • Submit a short biography and profile picture along with your article. If you offer relevant products and services, mention and hyperlink them. E.g., “the author of XYZ book,” “offers group and private strength coaching in City, State,” etc.
  • Authors authorize StrongFirst, Inc. to display and reproduce articles in perpetuity.

2. Word Count

  • The target is 1,200-1,600 words, but we will consider longer pieces.

3. Editing and Publication

  • All accepted articles are edited for structure and content.
  • Accepted articles are placed in a queue for editing. Your article’s publication date is based on the length of this queue.
  • StrongFirst will communicate when a publication date has been set.

4. Photos and Videos

  • Frame all photos horizontally, even if the action is vertical (e.g., a pullup or a press).
  • Keep the camera level to the action (parallel to the horizon), rather than pointing down or up (tripod recommended).
  • High resolution (2,000-3,000KB).
  • Keep the picture wide with room outside of the subject for editing purposes.
  • Your backgrounds should be distraction free. Try to avoid wall art, posters, logos of companies and organizations other than yours (e.g., gym, fire department) and StrongFirst. The fewer people, exercise machines, etc. in the shot, the better.
  • Wear solid colored attire that contrasts with the background.
  • If submitting video, make it high resolution and limit it to one minute or less.
  • Send photos and videos in a folder separate from your article.

Photo Examples

Article submission, example of original photos
Original Photo
Article submission, example of featured photos for Instagram
Featured / Instagram
Article submission, example of featured photos for Facebook, Twitter
Featured / Facebook / Twitter
What to avoid when sending photo to a StrongFirst article
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