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  1. Kettlebell Simple and sinister 24kg to 32kg

    Hello, this is my first post on the forum. Currently I am doing simple and sinister 2.0, and have a question about progression. I have been doing the 24 kg for 3 weeks, and would like to start incorporating the 32 kg bell as per the progression scheme. However I know the book recommends adding...
  2. Kettlebell Venturing into 32kg S&S

    Just looking for advice as I’m venturing into 32kg S&S...any advice on food, stretching, rest and etc. Would be very appreciated! I’m predominantly plant based.
  3. nish1013

    Kettlebell Swing review request

    (y) Power to all of you Could you please provide a feedback on my swing ? Thank you
  4. Kettlebell Jump in Kettlebell size

    Hi Everyone, My name is Amos and I am training alternatively S&S and ETK. Now I am back to the S&S program which I love for its minimalism. But I have a sinister problem. I achieved easily the Simple Target (32kg bell). I own only a 24kg, 32kg, and a 48kg. My question is, How can I achieve to...
  5. Kettlebell Double KB press to get stronger single arm press

    Hello Everyone, I would just like to get your thoughts my idea that if I get stronger in double kb presses that I might get stronger in my single arm press. I recently bought a 32kg and my friend gave me his 24kg so now I have double 24kgs. I am not able to overhead press the 32kg but I am able...
  6. Kettlebell 28 or 32kg?

    I'm more a barbell guy, but got into kettlebells a while ago. The biggest one I have at the moment is 24 kg. Just wondering what's next: 28 or 32? My present strength & skill level with 24 kg is: getups 3x(1+1), double hand good, solid swings 50 rep, 1-hand press L4/R6, cleans/snatches 5/hand...
  7. Chrisdavisjr

    Kettlebell Reverse get-ups

    I was thinking earlier about how to increase the weight I use for my Turkish Get-Ups. I've been using a 24kg bell for a while and am fairly comfortable with it but am still nowhere near being able to perform the movement with a 32kg bell. Would it be a good idea to try 'reverse' get-ups - i.e...
  8. Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB Onnit Primal Gorilla 32kg for sale

    less than 1 year old, located in south Louisiana asking $100 prefer local purchase to avoid shipping, willing to consider shipping if interested though.
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