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  1. amos

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Amos and I am training alternatively S&S and ETK. Now I am back to the S&S program which I love for its minimalism. But I have a sinister problem. I achieved easily the Simple Target (32kg bell). I own only a 24kg, 32kg, and a 48kg. My question is, How can I achieve to be comfortable with the beast, if I don't own a 40kg ?

    My current training is:
    10 2 handed swings EMOM for 10 min with the 48kg
    5 TGU in a row left hand, then 5 TGU in a row right hand with the 32kg.

    The TGU with the beast is still very hard.

    Any Idea ?

    Stay Hard
  2. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Just attach some barbell plates to your 32 with a ratchet strap. 7.5 or 10 kg. Works well for tgu and swings.

    Or buy two 4 kg ankle weights and put them on the horns. For swings that are explosive, put the velcro on the outside of the horn, so that the force is done directly on the weights not on the velcro. For tgu let the weights hang from the velcro so the weights dont take up room from the handle.

    Good luck and congrats on reaching Simple
  3. amos

    amos Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Thanks for your quick answer ! I'm ok to add some weight in a certain way. But does improving my snatch would help me also ? say 32kg snatch maybe to strengthen the shoulder 's girdle ?
  4. Papa Georgio

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    I get the fact that some people can casually get themselves to the simple standard. Working up to the 48kg will require a lot more commitment. (and being able to do a whole workout with a 48kg doesn't mean you are even close to sinister)

    From my own experience:
    * Intensity is good, but put emphasis on volume. It's good to get what reps you can with heavy bell, but be sure you get your volume in. (fill in with smaller bell).
    * If it means that much to you, and you can get the money, get some more bells. I used 4kg jumps. If you have more patience than money, then you can probably do 8kg jumps.

    Whether you get more bells or not, I'd keep up your volume with the 32KG 1HS & TGU's. Fit in you 48kg 2HS & TGU (or partial TGU) where you can.

    Good Luck!
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  5. Oscar

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    Snatching the 24 and the 32 will certainly help in my opinion. But snatching the 32 is no joke!

    Another alternative is doing "from simple to serious endurance" by Al Ciampa with the 32. Look for it in the article section. Volume gets a lot higher, above 200 swings per session on occasion.
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  6. amos

    amos Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Thanks for the tips ! Sure snatching 32kg is no joke but I feel comfortable enough to train it, especially if it allows me to get closer to my sinister goal without buying another bell !
    Minimalism should stay minimalism !
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  7. amos

    amos Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Just a little follow up for everyone who took part of the discussion, here's my solution ! works great for the TGU.

    kb 32kg + DB 8kg

    until strong !

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