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turkish get up

  1. BPD

    Kettlebell Success with 40kg

    Hi Forum, First off, a big word of thanks to all of you who participate here. I've come here often for inspiration and instruction and consider this community to be a big part of any strength gains I've made over the past few years. (Even though I don't post much). The other day I was...
  2. rvaldrich

    Kettlebell Opposite of Get-Up

    Howdy! So here's an odd question: if the opposite of the Kettlebell Swing is the axe chop (or tire-and-hammer strikes), what would be the opposite of the Get-Up? Maybe the cable rotational chip? I'm curious, whatchu think?
  3. Bajzath

    Human turkish get up

    Duo brothers, human turkish get up.
  4. Kettlebell Where do you do your TGUs?

    Good afternoon comrades. Inching very close to a 50%bw turkish getup, and plan to continue beyond. (My current kb is 5lbs heavier than half my bw). My options for venue are my garage floor (preferred, but not great, and currently cluttered with a project), my yard/grass (which form is notably...
  5. Bajzath

    Snatch+get up workout

    Snatch +get up workout
  6. Kettlebell S&S - Muscle Failure on TGU, bail on the set?

    I started to get into the rhythm of the Simple program and I’m now using the recommended start weights according to Simple and Sinister. However my Turkish get up on the left side is a little weak, to the point I scared myself once or twice. Tonight I was only able to do 4 reps with 35 lbs...
  7. Kettlebell TGUs for long-armed people (elbow problems)

    Hey folks! Been working on my TGUs a lot lately, and there's something giving me a bit of difficulty. My arms are fairly long and in the tall sit position, to keep them packed, my arm has to be about 45 degrees from vertical. My elbow feels a bit vulnerable being so far out - sometimes I feel it...
  8. Kettlebell Golfer's Elbow with TGU

    I feel as I go heavier and heavier with the TGU (only at 24kg right now), my left elbow seems to complain more and more. My right elbow is mostly fine. I try to focus on keeping my shoulder packed/lats engaged (until they need to disengage ever so slightly to raise the bell overhead), and I...
  9. TobiasNeuffer

    Kettlebell Form Check Get Up 16 kg & Question

    Hi there fellow strong first aficionados! I would really appreciate your opinions on my turkish get-up form. The only part that feels uncomfortable to me is the transition from elbow to back on the way back (especially on the left side). I always slide around on the floor to create some space...
  10. Kettlebell Swings & TGU Form Feedback

    Hello, I just joined the forum and was hoping to get some feedback on my swings and turkish get-ups. I started Simple & Sinister a little over 2 months ago after ordering and reading the book. Background: Prior to starting S&S I had belonged to a crossfit gym for about 3 months, going 3x a...
  11. Simply Simple

    Have finally decided to log my training. Which I should have done ages ago. Current program is S&S. Today’s session: Swings: 10*10 Emom for 10mins. TGU: 6 each side within 10 mins. Had yesterday off so felt fresh so pushed the TGUs. Swings feeling crisper than ever. Have decreased the...
  12. Kettlebell Turkish Get up Technique Detail

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all managing to stay well and safe currently! This is my first post here and I have checked through lots of threads to see whether the question I am about to ask has been asked previously but could not see it. If it has please accept my apologies in advance, if you...
  13. nish1013

    Kettlebell TGU overhead weight

    Power to you all ! I do TGU using a 8kg . I noticed I struggle with overhead position of the weight, don’t feel strong . Is there any drill to improve? thank you
  14. nish1013

    Kettlebell Form check Get-Up

    I'm new to Get-up , recently did the StrongFirst one day course. I'm practising only using a shoe. I tried with 8kg KB and found my shoulder couldn't hold it. Did a test by doing the waiter's walk, seems like my shoulders get tired soon. Any feedback on form/technique would be greatly...
  15. Kettlebell Check my Swing and TGU form

    I’m hoping to start transitioning from 24kg to 32kg in the coming weeks- feedback on form and anything else (breathing, rest, etc) is appreciated!
  16. Kettlebell Jump in Kettlebell size

    Hi Everyone, My name is Amos and I am training alternatively S&S and ETK. Now I am back to the S&S program which I love for its minimalism. But I have a sinister problem. I achieved easily the Simple Target (32kg bell). I own only a 24kg, 32kg, and a 48kg. My question is, How can I achieve to...
  17. Reventio007

    Kettlebell S&S Kettlebell Progression + Proper Swing and TGU Mechanics?

    Hey guys, I've been doing S&S to the letter since March and reading Easy Strength.. My previous forum post is here, for those who would like to see: S&S: Soccer GPP Adaptation?? I believe that, even though I haven't done the swing and tgu test yet, I am capable of moving up weights as I went...
  18. Kettlebell Turkish get up progression quesion

    Hello, Sorry if this has been addressed. I've been looking everywhere, but I can't find anyone talking about it. What is the progression of the TGU (aside from weight)? For example, what exactly does "5 sets of 1 TGU per arm" vs "5 sets of 5 TGU per arm" mean? Does this mean that you do 5 on...
  19. J Cox

    Kettlebell A case for the get up

    A truly interesting thing happened today. I have been working S&S for a month now. Today I opted to just do some ladder pushups before Easter brunch. I haven't done pushups in weeks. I've also grown proficient in my get-ups, really feeling the weight under my control overhead, especially in...
  20. Kettlebell Form Check(Swings\TGU\Snatches)

    Hey everybody! Could you please check my form Didn't expect it to be so sloppy, but we all start somewhere Swing.mp4 Turkish get-up.mp4 Snatch.mp4 Thanks
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