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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all managing to stay well and safe currently!

This is my first post here and I have checked through lots of threads to see whether the question I am about to ask has been asked previously but could not see it. If it has please accept my apologies in advance, if you could direct me to another thread I would be really grateful.

I've been working my way through Pavel's book, ETK, BPA, PTTP and most recently Simple and Sinister. I am blown clean away. Everything behind what is said is solid, simple and works. It's changed everything for me and I'm just glad I found it, I also feel my stability while practicing judo throws has increased and I feel stronger than I ever have.

Now for the question. I understand all the movements involved in the turkish get up and how to safely load the kettlebell ready for extension while lying down but one thing I just want clarified is about the extension itself. On the enter the kettlebell video and in the books i've read it seems like the push up is done only by either the right or left hand with no assistance from the opposite hand is this correct? I have seen videos of people on youtube who seem to assistance the opposite hand during the extension is this correct technique? (I am aware youtube generally is not the place to go for clarification on such matters as theres lots of misinformation).

My reason for asking is that I am currently using the Simple and Sinister programme and I love it, but when I come to do the turkish get up with my left arm I cannot really push or extend the kettlebell without using the right hand to help. Im currently using a 16kg one and the swings feel great but I want to master the get up and get that slow technique down. Is it that i'm using too heavier kettlebell? If so what weight should I drop down to? Just for context I'm 5'9 height and 64kg weight with little body fat.

I hope this makes sense, thanks for taking the time to read it,

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