1. Turkish Get up Technique Detail

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all managing to stay well and safe currently! This is my first post here and I have checked through lots of threads to see whether the question I am about to ask has been asked previously but could not see it. If it has please accept my apologies in advance, if you...
  2. Beginning 5x5 Any Excel / Google Sheets?

    Hey guys, New to this all, just heard Pavel on JRE. I definitely want to implement this training. I am just sort of confused where to begin. I'd say I am an intermediate lifter. Does anyone of Excel or google sheet templates for the program? Please advise. Thanks
  3. Asking for Programming SFB and SFG I test

    @Pavel Macek, We are the 3 guys from Israel from the Italy vicenza SFB course (november 2019). We are looking for a program to help us succeed the SFB challenge , also we would like to participate at May to SFG in Israel. we are thankful for your help!
  4. Can someone explain power cycles kettlebells and deadlifts part II

    i recently read pavels beyond bodybuilding and he displays a power cycle my question was do power cycles build or display strength and what is the difference between power cycles and peaking ? And thank you
  5. Couldnt resist can i recover ?

    hello everyone ive been i did some pttp cycles wich went very well for me for some weeks now i have been doing a pavel deadlift si gles program and today after a stressful day i couldnt resist i juste went in after my12 singles and put 350 the 400 on the bar and failed it at lockout i still have...
  6. Pttp is not going well for presses a possible alternative ?

    Good similar daily program ? Maybe the justa singles programs but the problem is i can only can go 5 days a week to the gym not 7 any help and thanks !!!! Also there is this special deadlift program that pavel apparently wrote from an old thread is this for real !!!! And could a similar type of...
  7. Philippe Geoffrion

    Power to the Pickle!!! (and Vodka)

    This is my first post for StrongFirst. As an avid reader of Pavel's works, I have decided to put one of his hypertrophy programs to the test! Beyond Bodybuilding is a treasure trove of knowledge and if you haven't picked it up, I highly recommend it! That is where this program can be found. As a...
  8. Adam R Mundorf

    Tim Ferris : Pavel Interview

    Just wanted to remind everyone that this wonderful interview happened and it's just as good as it was 3 years ago.
  9. Bauer

    Year planning

    Dear SFers, as the year starts to unfold I was thinking about my priorities and about the various great programs Pavel has written. This lead me to the question of macro planning. Is there an article of Pavel on planning a year or on macro cycles (or whatever it might be called)? I know he has...
  10. Carl

    Free Easy Strength Slides (Dan John)

    This is absolute gold from Dan John. He could sell this at a premium but has linked to it free in latest post. A complete set of PowerPoint slides on Easy Strength principles and applications. Enjoy!
  11. Kiacek

    Advice from Al or Pavel on PM

    I have started program minimum as interpreted by the free workbook Anthony put out years ago. I do gtg getups and crush curls as recommended by Steve. I was reading the talk about "a & a" on the forum, and I wondered if the increasing reps per set is still recommended. It seems that this falls...
  12. Carl

    Where's Pavel?

    Hi all, I can't be the only one wondering (and looking forward to) when we will next see something new from Pavel. I'm sure whatever he is working on will be worth the wait but do we know when we will see some new posts from him?
  13. Todd Friedrich

    S&S Breathing technique

    Hi everyone, I recently bought and started using the S&S program, but I felt like the explanation of the breathing technique was a bit confusing to me. I was wondering if anyone could clarify the technique? I see a lot about forcing air out on the upswing of the kettlebell, but I'm not sure...
  14. natewhite39

    PodCast - StrongFirst COO Craig Marker "What it means to build the Anti-Fragile Self"

    RT 197 | Dr. Craig Marker – What It Means To Build The Anti-Fragile Self
  15. What did Pavel say...?

    Which should be done first OAPU or PISTOL? Its stupid but I remember reading something from Pavel about how its better for overall health (he had some good reasons) if you do one of these before the other. which should be done first? thanks guys
  16. Ever since Naked Warrior, Ive wondered...

    Ever since Naked Warrior, Ive wondered; should you do one arm one leg push ups on one side then the other? or should I do one day of ‘right arm left leg’ then ‘left arm, right leg’ the next day? and when I’m not working a particular arm or leg, I'll practice tension (e.g. the feedforward loop)
  17. TravisDirks

    On What It's Like to be Pavel

    So I was in the gym today and a friend saw me practicing deadlift and said he'd been doing them in CrossFit class and they were scary. He was afraid he'd hurt his back. During the ensuing conversation it came to lite that he didn't know of Pavel. My first thought was "and they let you deadlift?"...
  18. Arn


    Hey Guys. I`m currently working on getting a 200 kg. deadlift as a primary goal. Right now i have a max DL of 165 kg, pull-up at 15, and a military press of 60 kg. With my job in law-enforcement and martials-arts training i am able to build stength three times a week. I have been doing...
  19. bill calhoun

    The Naked Warrior + Barbell Training (5x5x5 or 3x5)

    I'm getting ready to start Pavel's audacious and awesome (yep, I'm dead serious...the guy's programs are epic). I also just started Deadlifts (I stopped benches & dips as Pavel recommends we do not do those in conjunction with 1-arms), and his pull-up program. My question: 1. Should I do the...
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