Beginning 5x5 Any Excel / Google Sheets?

AJ Curcio

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Hey guys,

New to this all, just heard Pavel on JRE. I definitely want to implement this training. I am just sort of confused where to begin. I'd say I am an intermediate lifter. Does anyone of Excel or google sheet templates for the program?

Please advise.


Steve Freides

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@AJ Curcio, welcome to the StrongFirst forum.

You'll recall that, in the podcast, Pavel said he currently trains only two lifts. If you'd like to follow in those minimalist footsteps, we strongly recommend you pick up a copy of Kettlebell Simple and Sinister and follow it. It's where to begin, and it can be where to stay, too.


AJ Curcio

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I do recall. But I am looking to strengthen my Bench, Dead, Squat - he mentioned a 5x5 program that I was looking to implement
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