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  1. Pavel Macek

    Barbell Be like Steve [Freides]

    @Steve Freides , you rock! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story!
  2. Abishai

    Barbell barbell purchase advice

    Anyone have any recc for what brand Barbell and plates to buy? Im about to start PTTP. I dont need the best on the market but I want a decent brand that does not break the bank. Thoughts?
  3. Adachi

    Barbell Barbell Cycle Selection

    I'm eyeballing another strength cycle. Due to time constraints, I do a lot more planning, to try and strategize for getting the most out of very limited training time per week. I am considering a barbell cycle utilizing a Deadlift and Floor press. Cycle design Goals, Constraints & Parameters...
  4. Other/Mixed Program Ideas for Upcoming New Father

    Greetings all. I have viewed this forum for a few years and loved getting tips and tricks from the wealth of knowledge our members have. My wife and I are expecting our first child this fall. I know sleep will be limited and energy will not be as steady or high for me as it currently is. I am in...
  5. Barbell Front or Back

    So… what’s your poison? Front or Back Squat?
  6. Other/Mixed George Hackenschmidt's workout

    I recently finished "The Way To Live" and man, what a read! If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you pick it up. One thing I don't really grasp yet is the workouts prescribed in there, though. In the book he outlines the "best training method", prescribes daily, twice a day, for all...
  7. Barbell Old video of Polish weightlifting team - tell me about GPP!

    I find it quite impressive. Esp. the first half of the video (GPP stuff) is relevant for most of training population, not only weightlifters. Those guys were doing human flags and backflips as a part of their assistance training. Some highlights: Up/downhill running: around 8:00 Handwalking...
  8. Barbell Full OH Squat/snatch Mobility

    Does anyone have any good resources on developing and maintaining the necessary mobility for a barbell overhead squat? I've had a recent idea that getting to a point where this position is viable and comfortable and then maintaining it could work as some form of mobility MED for me, due the ROM...
  9. awito

    Other/Mixed Adding Calisthenics to Barbell 5x5 Linear Progression

    Hey all, I'm coming back to lifting after a couple of months of break due to health problems I encountered. I started doing a 5x5 Linear Progression program to increase my strength with the basic movements (squat, bench, deadlift, row, overhead press) back to my previous levels. But with the...
  10. Barbell The Russian bear squats too.

    I have just spent months prepping for a 10 k race, My strength has plummeted, so back to the gym. This is my plan Day 1 ohp/ seated row alternated . Deadlift. Day 2 bike 1 hour Day 3 bench/ pull downs alternated. Squat Day 4 bike 1 hour Repeat Bear protocol for all lifts. Cycle - not...
  11. Abishai

    Other/Mixed what would you tell your 18 year old self about training

    Anyone ever thought what you would do diff if you could go back to age 18? I would tell myself to Deadlift and about someone named Pavel....
  12. Abishai

    Other/Mixed Kettlebells or DL?

    Hey all, Im working on programing and im wondering if i had to choose either the DL/barbell or kettlebell swing what would everyone recc? I'm 24 and I mainly trained with calithstenics and free weights. I started looking into hip hinge movements after realizing that the only people that were...
  13. Yemout

    Barbell Balancing the Daily Dose Deadlift plan with other strength training

    I'm in the test week of the 5TRM back squat programme, and intending to start the Daily Dose Deadlift plan next week. I'm wondering how best to balance the rest of my training with the programme. At the moment I'm lifting 3 days a week – squats every session (as per the 5TRM programme) followed...
  14. Bear Exercise Selection

    I'm currently on my way to timeless Simple and wanting to add some size and strength when finished (187cm and ~70kg), so the Bear came to mind. As we all know, the book suggests DL and Presses but I was wondering if other exercises would work as well? In this T-Nation Article ( Customized...
  15. Barbell Novice lifter looking for feedback - barbell benchpress

    Hi folks, Hope I'm not being too greedy here soliciting feedback on my lifts, but everyone on the forum has been very helpful and I hope the be able to return the favour when I learn more. I'm looking to get some feedback on my benchpress. I'm a novice lifter who is recovering from a back...
  16. Barbell PTTP: Zercher Squats instead of Deadlifts?

    Hey All, Just wondering your thoughts about replacing the DL’s in PTTP with Zercher Squats? Goals are GPP with the plan to compete in the spring and fall TSC’s as a way to monitor progress. I have decided to follow Brett Jones article “To Every Season: A simple way to Structure A Year of...
  17. silveraw

    Barbell Cool breakdown of John Haack's 903 deadlift

    I don't think I've ever seen a max deadlift this smooth!
  18. Barbell Young martial artist wanting to return to barbell after discovering love for kettlebell

    Hello Strongfirst. For some background, I am a 19 year martial artist with 15 years of training in kyokushin karate and now a beginner in BJJ. In high school, I got into lifting through stronglifts 5x5 and became obsessed with fitness and lifting heavy. In a year I hit a 290lbs squat for 5 sets...
  19. Barbell Heavy singles and greasing the groove every day?

    I need to get my repetitions for push-ups and pull-ups up for the military but I'd also like to increase my strength on the Bench, Squat, and Deadlift. I came up with the idea that I'd warm up to a heavy single for a barbell movement and continue to grease the groove pushing or pulling for the...
  20. Alaska80

    Kettlebell Strength followed by Power...How Long?

    I know that the ideal is to train power first then train strength, but that assumption is largely based on contiguous training. My question is, if one trains strength around 10-12 in the morning how much later could one train power for it to be fully or almost fully effective?
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