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  1. Smau6785

    Barbell Making the most of 2 days worth of gym equipment to build mass: programming?

    Hi all, I'm looking at a little bit of advice / ideas. Context: I'm about to finish a run of kettlebell based BtS4/3 (3 days a week, 100% of the workouts done at home) and I've thoroughly enjoyed it (thanks @Fabio Zonin !!!!). Sadly had to drop the overhead pressing due to a silly injury, so now...
  2. Oscar

    Other/Mixed Max Power Training, submaximal grinds. Sonny Bill Williams training

    Sonny Bill Williams is a great rugby player from New Zealand, particularly powerful, big and strong. A while back I read about his strength training, which said it was focused on power, alongside barbell grinds, which were rather light. If I recall correctly, the power moves were barbell...
  3. StrongFirst

    [BOOK OF THE MONTH] Deadlift Dynamite

    Deadlift Dynamite will take you from your first steps in the iron game to as far as you are willing to go—all the way to world class if you have what it takes. Paperback, Kindle, or PDF edition >>> You will learn: –1,000-pound deadlift...
  4. WarrenEllis

    ETK-ROP "Russian block training" thoughts and suggestions

    Hello all. ETK mentions block training, ROKB prescribes it. I'd like to do a round of ROP with block training, as I want to continue barbell deadlift and squat practice , but I would also like to reserve my "off days" for mobility work. For those unfamiliar, "Russian block training" refers...
  5. Barbell Deadlifts everyday?

    Hi, Can I do deadlifts everyday? I want to improve my grip strength and trapezius muscles. How many sets and reps should I do if I’m doing deadlifts everyday? Thanks.
  6. Adachi

    Barbell Is sumo easier than conventional?

    I am a nascent novice to barbells. I look to others for guidance on barbell training. (especially Knock Em Dead by @Fabio Zonin ) I don't currently have much more than deadlifts on the horizon. I have from time to time fretted over the differences between training Sumo vs Conventional. I am glad...
  7. Other/Mixed What are your favorite assistance exercises?

    I was thinking a lot about assistance exercises recently. The opinions on this topic differ greatly, from "assistance work is overrated" to "variety is the key". Depending on your background, occupation and leisure time activities, you might fall anywhere between this. If you are very active...
  8. Barbell Questions About Power to the People!

    Hi everyone, I've read through PTTP front to back, but I can't find the part where it says how much weight to add per lift after every 8-12 workout "cycle" is completed. If memory serves me correctly, I'm supposed to add 5 pounds to my starting weight and repeat after each cycle peters out...
  9. Barbell Combining barbell russian countdown with swings

    Hi all, I just attended the Barbell 201 : Stand Strong workshop. I'd be happy to go into the Russian Countdown program (Zercher squat and military press 3x/week). I'm also very interested in keeping swinging a KB. I reached Simple last year and I feel like I need some kind of conditioning as...
  10. Pavel Macek

    Barbell Be like Steve [Freides]

    @Steve Freides , you rock! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story!
  11. Abishai

    Barbell barbell purchase advice

    Anyone have any recc for what brand Barbell and plates to buy? Im about to start PTTP. I dont need the best on the market but I want a decent brand that does not break the bank. Thoughts?
  12. Adachi

    Barbell Barbell Cycle Selection

    I'm eyeballing another strength cycle. Due to time constraints, I do a lot more planning, to try and strategize for getting the most out of very limited training time per week. I am considering a barbell cycle utilizing a Deadlift and Floor press. Cycle design Goals, Constraints & Parameters...
  13. Other/Mixed Program Ideas for Upcoming New Father

    Greetings all. I have viewed this forum for a few years and loved getting tips and tricks from the wealth of knowledge our members have. My wife and I are expecting our first child this fall. I know sleep will be limited and energy will not be as steady or high for me as it currently is. I am in...
  14. Barbell Front or Back

    So… what’s your poison? Front or Back Squat?
  15. Other/Mixed George Hackenschmidt's workout

    I recently finished "The Way To Live" and man, what a read! If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you pick it up. One thing I don't really grasp yet is the workouts prescribed in there, though. In the book he outlines the "best training method", prescribes daily, twice a day, for all...
  16. Barbell Old video of Polish weightlifting team - tell me about GPP!

    I find it quite impressive. Esp. the first half of the video (GPP stuff) is relevant for most of training population, not only weightlifters. Those guys were doing human flags and backflips as a part of their assistance training. Some highlights: Up/downhill running: around 8:00 Handwalking...
  17. Barbell Full OH Squat/snatch Mobility

    Does anyone have any good resources on developing and maintaining the necessary mobility for a barbell overhead squat? I've had a recent idea that getting to a point where this position is viable and comfortable and then maintaining it could work as some form of mobility MED for me, due the ROM...
  18. awito

    Other/Mixed Adding Calisthenics to Barbell 5x5 Linear Progression

    Hey all, I'm coming back to lifting after a couple of months of break due to health problems I encountered. I started doing a 5x5 Linear Progression program to increase my strength with the basic movements (squat, bench, deadlift, row, overhead press) back to my previous levels. But with the...
  19. Barbell The Russian bear squats too.

    I have just spent months prepping for a 10 k race, My strength has plummeted, so back to the gym. This is my plan Day 1 ohp/ seated row alternated . Deadlift. Day 2 bike 1 hour Day 3 bench/ pull downs alternated. Squat Day 4 bike 1 hour Repeat Bear protocol for all lifts. Cycle - not...
  20. Abishai

    Other/Mixed what would you tell your 18 year old self about training

    Anyone ever thought what you would do diff if you could go back to age 18? I would tell myself to Deadlift and about someone named Pavel....
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