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Other/Mixed Year planning

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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Dear SFers,

as the year starts to unfold I was thinking about my priorities and about the various great programs Pavel has written. This lead me to the question of macro planning.

Is there an article of Pavel on planning a year or on macro cycles (or whatever it might be called)? I know he has written somewhere that about once a year you should focus on your grip and midsection. And most of his programs are "park bench" programs anyway, with some "bus bench" challenges here and there. What about off-weeks, deloads, switching between programs?

I have quite a few of Pavel's books and I think I haven't read anything about this topic from him.
Oh, I've found this bit in the FAQ of ETK, for those of you interested:

How can I combine kettlebell training with
Power to the People! and The Naked Warrior?

In The Russian Kettlebell Challenge I recommended alternating two-week cycles. Later I discovered
that while grizzled strength coaches like Steve Baccari, RKC, were very successful with
this approach, less experienced Comrades had problems. Hence two new options.

Marty Gallagher told me that a perfect strength year is made up of two 12-week competition
powerlifting cycles (the meet falls on week 13) and two 12-week off-seasons when a variety of
exercises are practiced.

Alexey Faleev, Master of Sports and the author of a powerlifting-based fitness system popular
in Russia, alternates 4–5 months of strength with 4–5 months of dynamic work.

• Follow the Rite of Passage program for 12 weeks, then do PTP and/or Beyond
Bodybuilding for 12, and keep rotating.
You may GTG pistols in either or both cycles, RKC and PTP.
• You may GTG one-arm push-ups only in the PTP cycle. Skip side and floor presses if
you do.
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