Asking for Programming SFB and SFG I test

Johnatan Abuhav

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@Pavel Macek, We are the 3 guys from Israel from the Italy vicenza SFB course (november 2019).
We are looking for a program to help us succeed the SFB challenge , also we would like to participate at May to SFG in Israel. we are thankful for your help!
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Karen Smith

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@Pavel Macek will have more options for you and I tagged him again Incase he was traveling and missed your post.

In the mean time if you look on the Website under articles, there are many bodyweight articles and programs that will help you gain the SFB skills and SFG for that matter. I also have an ebook that covers both of you are interested. It is called REFiNE.

Pavel Macek

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@Johnatan Abuhav

As for SFB, follow the program from the manual. Passing the SFB tests is your #1 priority. Focus on the high tension skills we have worked on.

As for SFG, hire a SFG instructor - there are many SFGs in Israel. As for program, follow the advice of an SFG, or jump on any of the time tested protocols, such as @Brett Jones excellent

@Karen Smith thank you. Yes, I am traveling - Italy, Taiwan, and now China! Regards from Canton!
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