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Kettlebell Swings & TGU Form Feedback

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I just joined the forum and was hoping to get some feedback on my swings and turkish get-ups. I started Simple & Sinister a little over 2 months ago after ordering and reading the book.

Prior to starting S&S I had belonged to a crossfit gym for about 3 months, going 3x a week. As far as crossfit gyms go it seemed relatively relaxed and the instructors were careful about not pushing people to injury. They also provided some guidance on kettlebell swings and TGU but nothing rigorous. I was also a frequent runner up until last year when I did a triathlon but then stopped training after that.

I am 28 years old, weigh on average 170lbs/78kg, and tend to walk a lot ( >10,000 steps per day, living in nyc). I've had no injuries except minor left-shoulder issues from a snowboarding accident a few years ago, I feel no pain from this but have noticed very slight mobility issues (when standing, my left shoulder seems to sit a little higher than my right and when I do a pull-up my left shoulder tends to lock backwards). Besides this, all my muscles/movement/mobility feels great.

For the first few weeks of S&S I did both swings and TGU with 16kg and then progressed to 24kg ( first with swings, then TGU), slowly transitioning as the book instructs. I've felt comfortable with 24kg for both exercises for the past few weeks and have begun trying to bring in the 32kg for a 1-2 sets each workout. I'm worried my form might be going away a bit with this heavier weight. Would love any feedback and/or recommendations for trainers in the NYC area.

With 32kg:
10x right swings 10x left swings 1x right tgu 1x left tgu
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