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  1. Kettlebell Feedback on Swing and Getup

    Started Simple and Sinister today! I would appreciate some feedback on my swing and getup form! Thanks in advance! Sorry for the whack audio, but the slo-mo is cool.
  2. Kettlebell 1H Swing Form Check

    Hello all! This week I am finishing my 4th week of Timeless Simple, averaging 5x per week. I should have done this a long time ago, but would you review my form and let me know what I can do better? @Steve Freides, if I unknowingly am breaking a rule or procedure, please let me know! Thanks...
  3. Kettlebell Swing form

    Hello, I recently came across the video which showed that swing should be performed without twisting, as it was very dangerous for the back I know basic guidelines to perform the swing but I was wondering if I was doing something wrong unconsciously and was not performing correctly. Here is the...
  4. Notirishbjj

    Kettlebell Form check- single armed swing

    As stated in a previous post I'm returning to kettlebell simple and sinister. What stopped me last time was my single armed swing. Started back with the 24kg bell yesterday, need to fix my grip positioning but any other form corrections would be great. Today was my second practice back and I...
  5. Kettlebell Help fix my swings

    I’ve been doing heavy swings for about a year or longer, and I’ve known about my bad swing technique for a while now, and my back aches frequently after sets. I can do sets of heavy swings with the 32kg bell (two hands, because my grip strength is poor enough that even 2H swings are enough to...
  6. Kettlebell Swing Form Check

    All, I've detailed some of my S&S journey in this thread. It was clear that I should get my form checked before the discussion before making any serious changes, so I made a few videos. 1st Video: I'm swinging a kettlebell kings adjustable bell, loaded to 16 kg, in one hand. I show 3 left hand...

    Kettlebell 2H Swing Form Check

    Hi everyone, just started out with KB training recently and would love some critique on my form for 16 KB 2H swings. I’m very good at spotting others issues but not my own somehow, I know it won’t be perfect. Any critique is welcomed, be as harsh as you’d like, I’m here to learn. Apologies if...
  8. matteo

    Kettlebell Swing 32kg form check

    Hi everybody, first of all, I appreciate this forum and the helpfulness of everyone posting on here. Could you give me some feedback about my swing form? I feel it pretty good, but when I watch my form on a video I'm not sure that I am doing correctly. Thanks!
  9. Kettlebell Swings & TGU Form Feedback

    Hello, I just joined the forum and was hoping to get some feedback on my swings and turkish get-ups. I started Simple & Sinister a little over 2 months ago after ordering and reading the book. Background: Prior to starting S&S I had belonged to a crossfit gym for about 3 months, going 3x a...
  10. TobiasNeuffer

    Kettlebell Form check kettlebell swing 16kg

    Hi there! I have recently incorporated the kettlebell swing into my workout, but I am not quite sure if i do it right. Am I hinging deep enough? Is my back safe? I would really appreciate it if you could comment on my form! Thanks for your great work. Tobias
  11. Kettlebell Check my Swing and TGU form

    I’m hoping to start transitioning from 24kg to 32kg in the coming weeks- feedback on form and anything else (breathing, rest, etc) is appreciated!
  12. mikhael

    Kettlebell Swing form check

    Hi, Here is my 2H Swing with 24, so if you would check it and write some opinions I would be grateful. //
  13. Kettlebell Swing Form Check - 2 handed

    With a 32kg bell. Thanks to the forum for any feedback on my two-handed swing form!
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