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Kettlebell TGU overhead weight

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Power to you all !

I do TGU using a 8kg . I noticed I struggle with overhead position of the weight, don’t feel strong . Is there any drill to improve?

thank you

Improving mobility:

It depends of course on what your Imitations are.

If you want to keep it simple:
Do one arm bar with 8 or 12 kg as part of your S&S cooldown. Doing arm bars after my TGU practice has worked better for me. They will help with mobility the next day.
And if you can, add passive hanging.

And I would also add neck nods from Original Strength in the "TV sitting position" (prone, on elbows) here and there as a corrective for too much sitting.

Keep it simple and have patience. My mobility has improved a lot with the outlined routine.
thank you . Is it has the same effect as military press ? Like to understand static , dynamic difference
Oftentimes mobility issues come from weak stabilizers and not enough coordination between prime movers and stabilizers. When the stabilizing rotator cuff muscles are weak or uncoordinated both shoulders and upper back tend to tighten up - stabilizing through stiffness. The body is not dumb, it just compensates.

Therefore carries can help opening up the spine and the shoulders. The body relearns to stabilize dynamically while walking (carries are better then simple holds) and the stabilizers are strengthened. At least that is how I understand it.

I guess presses could then help to relearn coordinated efforts of stabilizers and prime movers.
An understand that helped me greatly was that the bell should stay almost stationary in the xy plane. Yes it moves up and down, but make sure it says steady fore and aft. As the weights go up it will become very obvious that you can easily raise and lower the bell but move it in the horizontal plane is not very easy.
Have you had your form checked by a StrongFirst certified instructor?
Have you ever had any injuries etc... that would impact your shoulder mobility or stability?
Have you had a movement screen like the FMS?

When you say you are struggling with the overhead position—is it because you are struggling with achieving the overhead position (arm vertical and in line with - not touching - the ear)?
Closed Thread. (Continue Discussion of This Topic by Starting a New Thread.)
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