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overhead press

  1. YoungSaxon

    Kettlebell Trying to get to half-body weight press.

    I am 16yo, 115lbs, 5’6, around 10% BF My current 1RM for single arm over-head press is 47lbs and I want to get up to at least 60lbs I am currently doing a reverse latter program where I go up in weight when I reach 4-5sets of 3-2-1reps any tips on programming or single arm pressing ?
  2. Barbell OHP or BP

    Ive always favoured the OHP for my test of upper body strength, but recently have been bench pressing for fun and because it’s a little kinder on my shoulder since I aggravated it in sport specific training. It strikes me that it’s much easier to train assistance exercises after bench pressing...
  3. nish1013

    Kettlebell TGU overhead weight

    Power to you all ! I do TGU using a 8kg . I noticed I struggle with overhead position of the weight, don’t feel strong . Is there any drill to improve? thank you
  4. Tactical Barbell: "Operator" template, "SWAT" cluster

    Find current training program beginning Post #62 [Background] 32, M, 6'0, 190lbs (200lbs as of July '19). Married (10 yrs), 2 kids (6 and 1). Was a true gym bro in high school and did bodybuilding splits but always prioritized chest and arms days, and usually skipped legs days . Inactive...
  5. Barbell Barbell Overhead Press form

    Hello all, I have a question about the overhead pressing form used in the StrongFirst Barbell curriculum. My barbell training was done by Starting Strength certified trainers. The Starting Strength barbell press actually starts with a forward hip thrust to trigger a reaction in the kinetic...
  6. Barbell Powerlifting improved?

    Powerlifting would be improved by replacing the bench press with the strict overhead press where there is no movement in the ankles, knees or hips and no downward movement of the bar after a ‘press’ command has been given. A small amount of backward lean is allowed but not to the point of...
  7. PaulAtreides

    Bodyweight Questions regarding training age; Novice/Intermediate/Advanced

    Hi all, In a different post, I've stumbled upon a concept that I have so far been ignorant about: "Training age" in the context of the post, he was referring to the amount of time spent training and used that to classify a lifter as Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. So far, I've just been...
  8. PaulAtreides

    Barbell Question concerning Ladders for two-handed exercises

    Hey Comrades When using ladders to train two-handed lifts such as the Pull-up, Barbell OHP, or Bench press, are you supposed to set the weight down in-between the rungs? More specifically Pull-ups: Do you let go or do you dead-hang in-between the rungs? BP & OHP: Do you stay in the racked...
  9. PaulAtreides

    Path to OHP&Pull-up the 48kg Beast and more

    Comrades, This is my first post here on Strongfirst, so I would like to share what I'm doing at the moment. I will try to update this log every 1-2 weeks. My stats on Day one 22y/o 173cm, 75kg, 15% body fat. Pull-up: ~13repMax, 3rm slightly more than 25kg at 75kg Bodyweight. Barbell OHP: 1rm...
  10. Michael D

    Barbell Balance in barbell exercises

    I started doing some basic barbell exercises: bench press, squat, overhead press. I noticed that I have a hard time keeping the barbell parallel to the floor, especially on presses. I know that my left hand/arm is a bit weaker, but I am guessing most of the imbalance comes from the lack of...
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