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Barbell Question concerning Ladders for two-handed exercises

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Hey Comrades

When using ladders to train two-handed lifts such as the Pull-up, Barbell OHP, or Bench press, are you supposed to set the weight down in-between the rungs?

More specifically
Pull-ups: Do you let go or do you dead-hang in-between the rungs?
BP & OHP: Do you stay in the racked position or do you drop the barbell in the hooks of your power-rack, in-between the rungs?
Ring Dips / Dips in general: Do you maintain the support hold in-between rungs, or do you get back on your feet?

Is there a party consensus on this?
To expand on this so that there is no question:

Pullups - get off the bar between rungs and between ladders.

BP and OHP - the bar goes back in the rack or j-hooks between rungs and between ladders.

Dips - get off the aparatus between rungs and between ladders.

The default behavior for ladders is "I go, you go", so approximately equal rest time to the work that immediately preceded it. E.g., if 1 rep takes you 10 seconds and 2 reps takes you 20 seconds, then you
1 rep
rest 10 seconds
2 reps
rest 20 seconds

Between ladders, think of the rest time as the same as between sets in traditional strength training protocols, so 3-5 minutes.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Steve!

Very helpful, It makes sense in many ways.
- Resting between rungs lets you do far more quality reps in total without accumulating undue fatigue. (how did I not think of this :confused:)
- Holding on to the bar/rings would be more of a grip/core/stabilization exercise with comparatively little strength and focus left for the actual movement.
- 1 ladder of 5 pullups would mean ca. 45sec of dead hang and 90 sec of total hang time. Sounds more like a grip endurance test with massive shoulder fatigue than effective pull-up training for strength.

Given that there's already tons of better and more specific grip/core exercises and tests out there, the idea of holding on to the bar seems kind of pointless.

Case closed.
Closed Thread. (Continue Discussion of This Topic by Starting a New Thread.)
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