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  1. Kettlebell S&S with deadlifts

    Hey folks! Had a question about temporarily replacing swings with kettlebell deadlifts in S&S. I had back pain to varying degrees for over a year which I'm currently in physio for - I was working on adding in the 24kg but had to take a break for physio since I'm very back and quad dominant. He's...
  2. Kettlebell Definitive list of swing muscles?

    Greetings: In my internet ramblings, I'm finding conflicting graphics listing which muscles fire during swings. Of course, they all have glutes, etc., but some include certain muscles, while others do not. Can anyone point me to a source they trust on this matter? Ideally based on research? ...
  3. Kettlebell Swing form detail

    Assuming the hip hinge is explosive enough to raise the bell high enough, is one supposed to limit the height of their swing by a lat pull-down/decelerating action? Or is the "float" achieved by upward deltoid engagement? Background: I'm a skinny 5'7.5" and 130 lbs. I went to an SFG because I...
  4. Q&D with Viking Push Press

    Getting ready to start a round of the Quick and the Dead with the Viking push press as mentioned in the text. I plan to keep a log of my training for the next 12 weeks and give any insight on how the VPP compares to the push ups. A little training background, I am 28 years old and have been a...
  5. Sebastien

    Kettlebell Downstairs Neighbours

    Hi there, I am soon moving to a new apartment. I am currently doing the Simple and Sinister Training with 36kg. I am a bit worried about the noise for the downstairs neighbours when ending the one-arm swings (putting the kb down). However : It is a recent construction and fairly well...
  6. Harry King

    Kettlebell What to do when One hand is out of action while practicing S&S.

    Hi everyone, I had an idea this morning that I thought might be useful to share, and to get some comments from SFGs and experienced lifters on here for everyone’s benefit. My right hand has an annoying tear on the middle finger because of a pulled callus. I have been diligently doing my...
  7. Kettlebell Dumbbell swings?

    Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I love this forum. I’m a huge fan of strength training, and the Strongfirst principles are right up my alley. I’ve recently re-developed an interest in kettlebell training after reading S&S. I’d really love to pursue the simple standard, but...
  8. Khayman

    Kettlebell The Swing makes me lose touch in my toes

    Hi there! I’m the new guy but I’ve been woking out with kettlebells for almost 12 years now. Btw, sorry about my bad English but I am from Sweden. Three years ago I herniated two discs in my back (L1-L2 and L4-L5) when I stoped using kettlebells and tried Calestenics for a while. So I went down...
  9. nish1013

    Kettlebell Fat loss KB swings

    Hi All , Is it enough to do 100 swings using an appropriate weight per day to loose body fat effectively? How many calories roughly can burn by doing 100 swings ? I’m on calorie deficit under the guidance of a dietician. Thank you
  10. mikhael

    Kettlebell Vodka and Pickles Plan Structure

    Hi. I'm planning to start Vodka and Pickles and I'm considering how to implement upper body exercises. One of my conception is to add the following: Dips (weighted and unweighted) Push-ups (4-8-12-16-20-16-12-8-4 Pyramid performed 3-4 times a week according to this plan) Pull-ups Advance PIKE...
  11. Kettlebell Swings for an ex-swimmer: One-hand or Two-hand?

    Hi everyone! I recently started with S&S with a 16 kg bell. I reached timeless and timed standard without much problem, and wanted to move on to 20 or 24-kilo bell, but there's an issue. I'm a 6,2, 26 years old, and spent of my youth and most of the puberty swimming and playing water polo (de...
  12. Kettlebell Kettlebell swing vs deadlift ratio

    Does anyone know the ratio or transfer of kettlebell swings to deadlifts?
  13. nish1013

    Kettlebell Swing review request

    (y) Power to all of you Could you please provide a feedback on my swing ? Thank you
  14. Kettlebell Jump in Kettlebell size

    Hi Everyone, My name is Amos and I am training alternatively S&S and ETK. Now I am back to the S&S program which I love for its minimalism. But I have a sinister problem. I achieved easily the Simple Target (32kg bell). I own only a 24kg, 32kg, and a 48kg. My question is, How can I achieve to...
  15. Kettlebell S&S with snatches

    Would replacing the swings with snatches in S&S be too much overhead work? Is there a particular reason S&S uses swings not snatches?
  16. Other/Mixed A simple program I thought some of you might enjoy

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share a simple program I created to help me get back in shape and fight the winter blues. It's fairly minimal and can be done quickly, but it works through 5 major movement patterns and can be pretty challenging! For this workout you'll need a mace and one or two...
  17. Chrisdavisjr

    Barbell Strong swing, weak deadlift - how to bridge the gap?

    Starting a new thread here to pick up from an interesting conversation on this thread in the kettlebell forum. I have a fairly strong kettlebell swing - 10×10 one handed with a 40kg bell at 145lbs body weight - but a fairly weak deadlift - 100kg/220lbs seems to be my max, I can just about get...
  18. Kettlebell Form Check(Swings\TGU\Snatches)

    Hey everybody! Could you please check my form Didn't expect it to be so sloppy, but we all start somewhere Swing.mp4 Turkish get-up.mp4 Snatch.mp4 Thanks
  19. Kettlebell T-spine fusion and S&S lifts

    Hello all, I had a question about the TGU and T-spine mobility that I'd like to ask people more experienced than I and that I've yet to find an answer elsewhere. So, my situation. Almost, if not all, of my thoracic spine is fused (about a decade ago, it's not going anywhere), so I have...
  20. Tobias Wissmueller

    Kettlebell Form-Check One-Hand Swings

    It was about time to film myself to check on my one-hand swings again. Have recently changed my technique. When reviewing my swing a few weeks back, I found my hinge was too lazy. My cue until then was moving my butt towards the wall, maybe max. to 4 o'clock, but not lower. Now I am trying to...
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