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Q&D with Viking Push Press


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Getting ready to start a round of the Quick and the Dead with the Viking push press as mentioned in the text. I plan to keep a log of my training for the next 12 weeks and give any insight on how the VPP compares to the push ups.
A little training background, I am 28 years old and have been a competitive endurance athlete for over a decade. I have met the Simple standard in the past and can currently meet timeless Simple. Around 8 years ago I deadlifted double body weight for the first time for 4 reps but have done kettlebells and body weight work for the last 6 years.
Two months ago I sustained a minor back injury, so for the beginning of Q&D I will be using the 24kg for swings, but if I feel that I am doing well after the first two weeks I will be using the 32kg. For the Viking push press I will be using the 24kg which I can snatch with ease, and military press with strict form for 8 reps.
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